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Danny Pettry is providing a “success” book group throughout 2020.

The group is for Recreational Therapists, but anyone can join and participate.

Danny will provide a quick 2-5 minute video on one success principle per week.

Jack Canfied’s Success Affirmations book will be used for these weekly training sessions.

Danny Pettry is a Certified in Teaching Success Principles through Jack Canfield’s organization.

Danny Pettry and the (Rec Therapy Today) believe strongly in books.education learning, growing, success and reaching potential.

You’re invited to join our FREE book club

Participate in this book club. Learn these success principles.

Imagine if you added one new success principle to your life over 52 weeks.

Get a copy of the book. Read the weekly success affirmation. Watch Danny Pettry’s training video. Focus on the success principle throughout each week. Comment on the video.  It’s that easy.

Videos will be posted at Danny Pettry’s Rec Therapy Today® facebook page.


Week # 1: Video training: https://www.facebook.com/RecTherapyToday/videos/1049817532019744/