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Howdy there —

Here is 2019 in review.

I’ve provided rec therapists (just like you) with many FREE resources in 2019. 

You may have benefited from some of these contributions

Here is a summary of things that Danny Pettry and his business Rec Therapy Today provided to our profession for FREE.

  • Three (3) FREE Live keynote talks:
    • Keynote address at University Toledo
    • Presentation on Success at the Ohio Recreational Therapy Association
    • Keynote address for the North Carolina Recreational Therapy Association conference
  • Hosted One (1) live DBT in Rec Therapy Workshop Training – it was $25, but we allowed everyone to attend FREE.
  • One (1) Professional ATRA annual membership giveaway!
  • Two (2) FREE ATRA Student Memberships!
  • Five (5) People won a physical pack with four (4) coloring books for adults
  • 12 People won a physical copy of the Summer Smoothies recipe book
  • 12 FREE email monthly email newsletters from January to December
  • 12 FREE Rec Therapist of the Month spotlights featured
  • 21 FREE ($10 Amazon Gift Cards) were given away
  • 15 FREE webinars that helped thousands of RTs to earn CEUs.
  • FREE upgrade for our webinar users: Our learners receive instant certificate of completion sent in their email because we invested money in an upgraded webinar service. 500 people can attend our webinars now (previously – only 100 could attend).
  • 15 People won a physical copy of the Screen-FREE Fun: 400 activities for the family (book)
  • 25 FREE Rec Therapy Today T-shirts were given away
  • Hundreds of FREE informational blog posts were posted
  • 1,000 FREE Rec Therapy Today magnets were given away
  • 3,000+ FREE Rec Therapy Today stickers were given away
  • Posted job posts at Rec Therapy Today this year for FREE
  • Sponsored the 2019 ATRA conference in Reno, Nevada
  • FREE Halloween activities [pdf] download
  • FREE Thanksgiving questions [pdf] download
  • FREE inspirational quotes were posted at our fb groups throughout the year 
  • FREE consultation and coaching for new bloggers in rec therapy and upcoming course creators.
  • Contributed FREE activities to David Austin and Colleen Cooke’s (2019) book, The Fun Encyclopedia. 


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your friend and partner in rec therapy, Danny Pettry —

P.s. — Keep an eye open for more FREE resources in 2020.