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Danny Pettry presented a one hour continuing education webinar titled:

Addressing Compassion Fatigue in Recreational Therapists

Live on Wed. Nov. 20, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. (Eastern Time).





Question # 1: What did you enjoy about this webinar?

Here are the responses: 

What causes them

Yes about burn out

Great / relevant topic

importance of self care

How to deal with burnout

See previous submission.

Yes I enjoyed the session

Applies to my everyday job 100%%

Enjoy taking the course from home

Nothing new but always reassuring.

The thoughts from other listeners.

Liked the links for the assessments

I liked the Victorv Frankl comparison

Good reminders of.self care techniques

yes, the 5 levels of compassion fagtiue

That’s it’s important to take care of self

good topic and important in our field.  thanks

Web sites we can visit for self eval and help prn

Better knowledge about burnout and tips to overcome.

It was interesting to learn about compassion fatigue.

The difference between compassion fatigue and burnout.

I liked the distinction between burnout and compassion.

I enjoy learning how to improve myself as a professional.

Attendee participation. Learning that I have to take care of myself.

To be aware of compassion fatigue and to take advantage of my days off

The websites that were attached to figure out what jobs are good for you.

Knowing that burnouts are common and that you are bot alone is very helpful

I love how interactive it was and I enjoy hearing other people’s responses

Danny is very passionate and it makes it interesting/engaging to listen to.

I learned more about the differences between burnout and compassion fatigue.

Reminder of taking care of yourself.  Knowing you Why that will lead to a passion.

Yes it was an eyeopener,made me aware of ways to prevent yourself from burning out.

Definitely appreciated the chance to self reflect on where I am in the burnout scale

It made me realize that it’s ok to feel vulnerable and to know when you need a break.

learning about the Professional Quality of Life Assessment and the Holland Career Code

Better understanding of being aware of possibility of burn out and compassionate fatigue

It was nice to look at reflect about myself and I am excited to try the self evaluations!

I thought of burn out and compassion fatigue as the same. Good to understand the difference

I learned about secondary traumatic stress.  I’ve never heard of it before the presentation.

That it is important to recognize if we have compassion fatigue in ourselves as well as others.

I did not know difference between burn out and compassionate burn out that was very interesting

I liked that it was interactive and it was interesting to hear what other Rec Therapists had to say.

I liked being reminded to find the “why”. That applies to every thing, but especially your profession.

Remembering the why and keeping our feelings on the positive side. It’s what we are and to help others!

The way the information was explained was simple and the opportunity to add to the discussion was helpful

Finding out the difference between burnout and compassion fatigue. I initially thought they were the same.

Self assessment tool and other link were helpful. I enjoyed the examples/stories that were given throughout.

The interactions allowing attendees to share and give feedback allows me to see things that may be helpful for me as well.

Very interactive with great questions. I learned new information about compassion fatigue that I hope to pass on to my staff.

I liked the information that he gave us from Jessica and her tricks and insights he gave us on them and how he expanded on it.

I really enjoyed that it was a webinar- that way I can ensure i’ll have the time to focus and complete it on my own time, in my own home.

I learned the difference between burnout and compassion fatigue. Very informative and helpful to evaluate my own position within the field.

I learned that there are different stages of burnout and I now know more about when I am burned out and to make sure I practice what I preach.

I learned a lot about 1. that compassion fatigue is a real thing, and 2. that it’s actually common enough where many RT’s or CTRS’s are effected.

I forgot that vicarious trauma was named compassion fatigue but after you explained it, I remembered.  Thank you for continually hosting webinars.

I enjoyed the humor used throughout the presentation.  I did gain a better understanding of the difference between Compassion Fatigue and Burnout.

I enjoyed hearing about others who may feel the same way I do. I love my job and residents but some days are harder than others and I feel burnt sometimes.

I enjoyed learning about this because has a profession everyone sees us as the happy go lucky people and why should we get burned out if we just play all day.

I thought it was a great reminder that we also need to be evaluating ourselves and ensuring we are investing time in self-care and ensuring we don’t cause burn out.

I enjoy the webinars no matter the topic.  It is nice to have them since it is hard to find ones that pertain to the field and you have to struggle to figure out how that fits in.

I learned more about the differences between compassion fatigue and burnout. It was interesting to see the different assessments. Im glad that these were tools Danny chose to share.

I learned that there are other Recreation professionals that has the same struggles as me, makes me feel so not alone. Often we are alone when we work and don’t have that RecT support.

It was a nice reminder of self-care activities to do to take care of myself even though it is similar to what I teach patients. I think I am going to make sure I do something tonight for myself!

Stages of burnout, thinking about the why of being a TR and How are some good ways to reduce stress and challenges of my job. This session also made me realize about self care techniques to use to reduce job burn out.

I enjoyed the extra questions being asked to the audience and listening to other RTs’ answers. I did gain some insight that I may be experiencing some slight fatigue that I will address so it does not grow into anything more.

First, I enjoyed having the training available. I am not in a position that will send me to conferences, etc. so having this training available is very appreciative. Second, being able to take part from home was also a bonus.  It was nice to have participant interaction.

That compassion fatigue may be related to trauma,difference between fatigue and burnout. Danny provided an excellent self assessment tool,links to pertinent videos,Holland Career Code, and books on the topic. I am looking forward to reading the books which Danny discussed.

very informative.  I was not aware of compassion fatigue but now have a very clear idea of what it is.  What I thought was burn out, could still have been at times, but most likely is compassion fatigue.  I am starting a new job next week working at an assisted living facility for alzhiemer residents.  I hope I won’t be experiencing this for quite some time.

How interactive you made the webinar was great. This was helpful information and  allowed me to be more aware of the difference between compassionate fatigue and being burnt out.  Everything discussed are things I can apply in my life during stressful times at work. It was nice to hear others inputs on how they de-stress and know I’m not alone in this profession. 

I learned the difference in burnout vs. compassion fatigue and that I have experienced both as a RT and firefighter. I realize now that I need to start looking at how I deal with my stress so that I can be better for myself/family/residents. I didn’t realize that there were different levels of burnout and how is affects someone. Thank you for opening my eyes to what steps I need to take to get better.

In the past, I worked two job at once in the field, and hated both of them… I would be mentally exhausted after a day because I care so much for the individuals, but the places of work were very below par. I gave all of my mental capacity to the individuals I was serving, that I would rarely acknowledge my own well-being. Overall this webinar was very insightful, and beneficial with basic knowledge.

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Question 2: How could this webinar have been improved?

Here are the responses:









Very good

No comment

None needed

seemed good

It was good

Good session

Always great

It was fine.

keep using humor!

Nothing great job!

Everything was great

No improvement needed

Enjoyed it very much!

I thought it was great!

Can’t think of anything

To start at a later time. Danny’s comments: I’ll try doing a webinar at 8 p.m. eastern time in 2020.

Sessions can be a bit longer Danny’s comments: I’ll try a 90 webinar in 2020

Very good interactive webinar.

I thought the webinar was great!

No improvements need to be made.

I can’t think of a way to improve it.

I think this was my favorite so far!

I thought the webinar was very detailed.

“N/A – I believe it was very informative.

No things of note in this webinar, I enjoyed it.

Ways to approach supervisor about feeling burnout Danny’s comments: I’ll write a blog entry about that soon

n/a – thought it was well organized and informative

Maybe affordable resources related to subject manner

“No suggestions this time. Thanks for a great webinar!

Nothing. Examples were good, explanations were concise.

N/A I thought it was very well organized and informative.

Always happy with Dann’s webinars. No current ideas to improve

The webinar was informative and there are no improvements needed.

The webinar was educational and interactive. Does an excellent job!!!

I enjoyed the conference and would like to know if I can get the slides?

I thought the explanations and examples were great. Dont change a thing.

I would have liked more questions to be able to interact with the webinar

Webinar was great! You did an awesome job and had very informative content.

At times, there were some technical issues with your voice going in and out.

I think this would be a better lecture if it was a little bit longer than an hour.

I guess I do wish we would’ve spent more time on the last section. But great webinar. “

Again, if you could mention knowledge areas/codes for NCTRC before or after, that would be helpful. Danny’s comment: great reminder – I’ll definitely do that again for future webinars.

Well balanced material. I like that you outlined everything and told us when we had completed each part.

“When I listen on my computer your voice is distorted but when listening on the phone, I could not ask questions

Nothing comes to mind at present moment but I will certainly let you know if something does later on!! 🙂 Thank you!!!!

I thought that the webinar was well thought out and presented. Good interaction and ideas shared with all participants.

Well done! I would love a session on documentation, and particularly accurately describing mood, affect, behavior. Thank you!

It was very informative and allowed me the opportunity to assess how serious my fatigue is and how it can impact my performance.

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