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Blog post by: Danny Pettry, M.Ed., LPC, NCC, CTRS-BHS


Cognitive Behavior Therapists teach us that our thoughts create our feelings.


If we focus on the things we lack and don’t have then we’ll fear poor.

Imagine a wealthy person feeling sad because someone has a bigger yacht than their own (which is shown in the picture).

Here are some poor thoughts:

  • I don’t have that new car.
  • I don’t have a really big yacht.
  • I don’t have the money for that big trip.
  • I don’t have that nicer and bigger mansion.
  • I don’t own a second beach house on a private island.
  • I don’t have the accessories and fine material possessions.

These thoughts make me feel… Poor. I feel like I lack things.


On the other hand.

Different thoughts create different feelings.

If we focus on the things we do have then we feel grateful and wealthy.


grateful recreational therapy

Imagine a person who is just very happy to have clean water, electricity, etc. 

Here are some better thoughts (these are my personal thoughts).

  • I have eyes that see.
  • I have legs so I can walk.
  • I do have an automobile that works.
  • I have a job that pays me a salary every week.
  • I have amazing parents who are still alive today!
  • I had wonderful grandparents who passed on a lot of life lessons.
  • I have a brain that can generate new and amazing ideas and goals.


People don’t create feelings.

Thoughts create our feelings.


I could blame people who have things that I don’t for my bad feelings.

But the truth is that my feelings are… my own feelings.

I’m the person who is responsible for my own thoughts and feelings.

I could choose to focus on the all of the things that I do not have and I’d feel lack.

However, I choose to focus on all the wonderful things that I feel grateful for and as a result. I feel wealthy.

The question is: What are you grateful for? Post a response and include 20 things you’re glad about in your life!