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Rec Therapy Today® is proudly sponsoring the 2019 American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA) conference in Reno, Nevada.

Attendees will receive a Rec Therapy Today® notepad in their ATRA conference bag!


Our history with ATRA:

Danny Pettry, the founder of Rec Therapy Today® has a long history with ATRA.

Pettry first joined ATRA in 1999 as an undergraduate student.

Pettry has been recognized by ATRA for several awards and projects:

  • 2004 Peg Connolly Scholarship to attend the 20th anniversary ATRA in conference in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • 2005 ATRA Advocate of the Year Award for work on the Medicare Projected from West Virginia
  • 2009 Assisted with the Peg Connolly Student Scholarship Selection committee and conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • 2012 assisted with Rec Therapy month plans
  • 2016 became a Lifetime Member of ATRA
  • 2018 Certificate of Recognition in Recreational Therapy

Pettry has provided live presentations at ATRA conferences in Pittsburgh, PA and Chicago, Illinois.

Pettry has written articles for the ATRA newsletter.

This year, Pettry is sending a donation to ATRA to allow two (2) students to have their first ATRA membership.


Buy Why ATRA?

Recreational therapists, like any professional groups, need a national organization to represent their interests. ATRA is our national organization.

ATRA is an organization that is funded by membership dues.

An increase in ATRA memberships means an increase in revenue from membership dues.

An increase in revenue means the association has more spending power to advocate and represent the interests of rec therapists.

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Disclaimers: Danny Pettry has not been elected to the ATRA board. Pettry doesn’t run for ATRA board positions at this time to prevent any conflict of interest due to operating Rec Therapy Today. Pettry is not a hired spokesperson for ATRA. Danny Pettry is a Lifetime Member of ATRA, who is passionate about our profession, who fully supports ATRA initiatives.