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Danny Pettry presented a webinar for rec therapists on Wed. 8/8/19 titled: Motivation Secrets.

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The webinar had three (3) learning objectives:

  • a.) identify the difference between intrinsic motivation vs. extrinsic motivation.
  • b.) identify at least one of the problems associated with extrinsic motivation
  • c.) identify at least one way to enhance intrinsic motivation.

Were objectives met:

  • 98% of attendees selected “yes” the objectives were met.
  • 2% of attendees didn’t select an answer
  • 0% selected were not met.

Interest and Attentiveness






What did you enjoy about this webinar?

Word Cloud answers:

Here are Individual responses regarding what people liked, enjoyed, or gained from this webinar:

I liked it.
I am motivated
I feel more confident
Yes it was a good session
Help recognize my motivation
Informative and kept interest
New methods to motivate clients
The balancing scales were awesome!
“I loved the Sydney White example!
I know I am motivated intrinsically!
It’s ease of attendance and the information
It was a good reminder course on motivation
the balance scales and pictures were awesome!
So much information provided in this webinar!
Yes! The risks of using extrinsic motivations
Deci and Flaste and Motivational Interviewing.
yes interesting to know various motivation secrets
Your webinars give me motivation! Keep up the good work!
Everything was on point and well explained. Great use of examples.
How to intrinsically motivate patients and Intervention techniques.
It is nice to hear others who share my views on extrinsic motivation
This webinar was a good refresher on the reasoning behind motivations
I enjoyed learning how to use Motivational Interviewing in everyday practice. ”
Learned the power of intrinsic motivation and how to better myself as a rec therapist
Yes, the information allowed me to start thinking of ways to motivate my participants
I enjoyed the fact that , the theories from many years ago still works for today’s situation.
I think my biggest take-away was to how to truly motivate… MY KIDS! GOOD STUFF IN THIS WEBINAR!!!
Motivation is a language that needs to be in our every day life in our career to best help others.
I learning the difference between both motivation types. And learning more about extrinsic motivation
I enjoyed your delivery and casual/informal style. I am planning on implementing these techniques tomorrow.
I learned that although extrinsic motivators may work well short term, intrinsic motivators work better long term.
I liked the new approach to extrinsic motivators. And I really liked the new visual of the ladder and slide. Thanks!
I learned about motivational interviewing and the techniques add or take away with increasing or decreasing stimulus.
I really knew a great deal about this subject. That said, I enjoyed your specific examples, especially the personal ones.
You can tell that Danny took a lot of time to prepare a well rounded presentation with great visuals and examples. Thank you again!
It refreshed my memory on the two motivations. I liked the interaction questions part where participants gave suggestions and ideas
My favorite section was the second part about the cons to extrinsic motivators. Interesting insight. Easy to follow along and understand
We have so many clients that are willing to try new activities I am lucky they are more intrinsically motivated until Bingo they all want something.
I didn’t realize that animals don’t have a prefrontal cortex. I thought that was really interesting. I also like the motivating interview techniques – I’ll have to try that!
I liked that you provided the various interventions that we can use in the field & everyday life. Motivational interviewing makes so much sense. I haven’t thought about debriefing that way before.
Yes, I learned that there are more down falls to extrinsic motivational reinforces than I realized. I learned about motivational interviewing and I think that it could be useful because it would give the client and chance to really look at the issue fully and give them a chance to contemplate questions they might not have before.

How could this webinar have been improved?

Here are the comments received:

It was great
It was great!
It was great!
No need to improve
None, it was great!
all good. Thanks DAnny
Interesting…thank you
everything was awesome.
Please keep telling your jokes😃
No improvements – it was great!
As always, enjoyed your webinar
Great examples… no complaints 🙂
More real world/ experience examples
No improvements needed in my opinion.
Nothing. This was very well delivered.
I felt that the information was very useful
Maybe a little bit more on intrinsic motivation.
Nothing! Very enjoyable, great examples, good time.
You always do well, to the point and goals are always met
I thought you did a great job presenting the information!
I didn’t have anything negative to say I enjoyed the webinar .
I thought that the one hour format, for this topic was effective.
More ways to do group activities explaining intrinsic vs extrinsic
Wonderful. I always enjoy your webinars. Keep the jokes coming! Lol
some activities you can use in groups to show extrinsic vs. intrinsic!
I enjoyed your webinar. The slides could be a little more colorful. 🙂
I was struggling with connection… but that was on my part. Everything else was great!
I do not have any improvements that need to be made- info was presented in a clear and concise manner
I enjoyed the webinar and learned some techniques I could use to hopefully get clients to be more motivated.
Possibly more examples of difficult situations and scenarios dealing with clients that lacked intrinsic motivation
I felt it was just a tease of information yet it was very helpful. I know it takes a while to really dig into motivation.
Learning different techniques on how to motivate clients will help me get more clients to participate in my group activity sessions
I think it was good overall I cannot think of anything for improvement. I kind of zoned out a bit so the interaction parts at large really helped to keep the focus
I really enjoyed this webinar. I saw some things from a new perspective which I appreciated. I also liked the passion behind your opinions with extrinsic motivators.
Thank you for providing online CEU’s for Recreation Therapists. I have a hard time finding ones that I find interesting or would benefit from working in a correctional environment.
I thought it was really good. The last webinar I attended, the positive psychology one a few weeks back, was pretty much stuff I already knew. But this one had a bunch of new information. Thanks!
I’m not sure how to apply this to future webinars on future topics, but for this one, I would have enjoyed more solutions. I felt like we spent a lot of time one the differences between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, but I would have enjoyed spending more time learning how to promote intrinsic motivation.

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