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Read this book!

We surveyed our readers here at Rec Therapy Today.

We asked them to share a book that they recommend for rec therapists to read.

The # 1 recommended book — is the Big Red Book

(recommended by eight people)

Runner-Ups — These books were recommended by two (2) people:

Fiction books that were recommended:

Fiction based on illness, problems, or health conditions:

Non-Fiction Books on addressing treatment needs across the lifespan

Non-Fiction: Importance of Play

Customer Service based books:

Self-Improvement books

True stories/ biography/ memoirs

Activity books/ workbooks/ guides that were recommended:

Textbooks that were recommended:

In addition, people recommended:

  • Rec Therapy Today
  • Books about kids outside
  • Bibles and Religious books
  • Any book that brings you enjoyment
  • Brain & Life –  Neurology for Everyday Living
  • A book written BY someone with a disability who you serve
  • Books that enhance knowledge of different religions and beliefs


Many people didn’t provide an answer:

  • One (1) person had written: “not a clue.”
  • Three (3) people had written, “Not sure.”
  • Nineteen (19) people didn’t list any book.


You can always learn a new skill from a book too. Here is our amazon affiliate link: