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Position: Recreation Therapist
Salary: Negotiable
Duties: Key Responsibilities:

Provides assessment, treatment formulation, and treatment plan.
Provides individual activity therapy appropriate to client’s needs.
Provides small or large group treatment interventions that are specific to individual treatment plans.
Plans appropriate and reasonable treatment interventions to meet the needs of the client.
Maintains professional boundaries.
Participates in team meetings, staff meetings, and discipline meetings.
Works with assigned supervisor in collaborative manner.
Possesses good time management skills, including the ability to structure time, prioritize activities, and be self-motivated.
Works effectively with staff of other agencies and with colleagues.
Teaches, trains, and supervises students and new staff as assigned.
Conduct appropriate and timely assessment and documentation of clients’ needs, interests, strengths and weaknesses, leisure history, and leisure patterns.
Applies quality improvement data, new treatment interventions, and research to improve client services.
Maintains continuing education requirements necessary for certification and upgrading knowledge.
Performs other duties as assigned by the Director or supervisor in the assigned program.
Demonstrates competency and ability to lead and/or facilitate programs that may be oriented toward socialization, leisure skills development, values clarification, meditation, coping skills, community reintegration, and other therapeutic recreation (or related field) intervention techniques.
Design written materials, reports, proposals, and general publicity appropriate to job tasks or advocacy.
Demonstrates counseling skills adequate to client’s functional capacities.
Demonstrates a working knowledge of mental illnesses, substance abuse, developmental needs, and age appropriate competencies.
Uses equipment safely and appropriately in activities (exercise equipment, crafts, game equipment, office machines, etc.)
Demonstrates basic skills with word processing and computer use.
Demonstrates ability to apply appropriate recreation therapy (or related field) principles and techniques to clientele worked with; includes age-appropriate and diagnosis-appropriate assessment, interventions, and outcomes.
Demonstrates cost-effectiveness in purchasing and use of supplies/resources.
Monitor client case needs, assess current needs and strengths, link client to additional resources.
Interview, counsel, and provide resolution for clients in crisis situation involving social, emotional, financial, marital, health, or other problems.
Maintain working relationships and act as a liaison for client with medical staff and staff of agencies and institutions, homes, and facilities.
Encourage and assist clients toward independent living and a sense of self-esteem
Prepare and maintain written case records, reports and forms, including case follow-up and closing
Maintain Meridian Health Services standards, policies, procedures, and regulations in accordance with local, state and federal laws and with ethical standards of profession.
Requirements: Undergraduate or Master’s degree in Therapeutic Recreation or equivalent field and degree.
Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Certification (C.T.R.S.) by the National Council for Therapeutic Certification (NCTRC), or related field equivalency. May be hired pending successful certification at earliest scheduled testing.
Certification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid is preferable.
Holds a valid Indiana Driver’s License, has a reliable vehicle, a good driving record, and insurance.
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