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The brain is not fixed at birth.

Our brains can grow like muscles.

We can help patients and clients to grow!

Three (3) ways to promote a growth mindset:

  1. Change the word “failing” to “Learning.”
  2. Encourage determination and persistence.
  3. Put emphasis on effort over natural talent.

These tips can help a person to overcome obstacles and reach more success.

Sign-up for the Psychology of Success if you’re the type of person who seeks both (personal) and (Professional growth). This course can teach you how to give up a (limited) fixed mindset and to develop a growth mindset.


Psychology of Success 

This session content is CE Pre-Approved by NCTRC
0.5 CEUs (five clock hours of continuing education)
TR Knowledge Areas: FKW # 2 human behavior/ principles of behavior change, IMP # 40: intervention techniques, and FKW# 4: principles of leadership

Course Objective: Independent learner is to read Carol Dweck’s (2007), Mindset: the new psychology of success and pass the online quiz (based on the book) with a score of at least 70% or better within a one-year timeframe. The required book is NOT included. We recommend local public library.

The Standard Price is: $80
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