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Rec Therapy Today hosted Danny Pettry’s (5/22/19) webinar presentation, “Rec Therapists put the RT in SMART®”

This session covered: an overview of

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Here are the webinar insights:

Rec Therapists put the RT in SMART® CEUs

Attentiveness: 91% (A-)

Interest Rating: 94% (A)


How could this webinar training have been improved? 

Here is a summary of the first responses (who answered the question)

It was very well organized yet the sound was distorted at times.
I felt like everything was great, good job!
It was great
Although I do enjoy your jokes, respectfully could you cut back a few?
Thought the topic was/is very useful to my practice.
This is my first webinar.  I really enjoyed it and do not have suggestions at this time.
Don’t have any suggestions for improvements.
I feel that the webinar was great! No improvement needed.
Great Webinar
This was my first time attending; very positive experience
I had to start the webinar off the app because I was stuck in traffic on my way home!! Luckily it was a breeze to utilize the app and was still able to participate:)
Thank you for the interactive aspects of this webinar. It was accessible.
I enjoyed it! I enjoyed the brain storming in the questions was nice to hear from others.  Maybe more specific ways with different populations?
It was great!
Great job!
Its great
good session
It was very informational !! Great !
Maybe a few less jokes at the beginning. But always appreciate how easy it is to follow this material.
just more webinarss! Appreciate these so very much
I think it was full of a lot of good information and I appreciate the resources at the end!
great pictures and information
Can’t think of anything to improve
Webinar was great and timely. Started and ended in respected time
Awesome as always!
Nothing, it was a great webinar that reached all objectives
Great Webinar
I think it was great, Good questions that made me think
enjoyed how much you asked for participant feedback and ideas
was great
Really enjoyable – useful information here!
wish there was more time to use examples, share ideas, too many jokes at start

There were three (3) comments about jokes. Danny Pettry will have to cut-that-out.

What did you enjoy about this webinar training? 

Here is a summary of the first responses:

I enjoyed the session in its’ entirety; it was very well organized.
Super convenient!!!
Clear definition of each intelligence and examples to comprehend them further
I loved learning about all of the different intelligences and different activities to suggest accordingly
Always interesting topics and relatable to my own life and others I serve
the 2 handouts: professions that go with the different intelligences and the quiz that was before it. I will be googling each of them for further reference.
I enjoyed learning the different types of intelligences.  Every learning type is needed to make our society work however it is often viewed that “word smart” is the only way to success.  This session has created a desire in me to continue learning about the different intelligence, and how I can help my patients succeed in their learning style.
I liked the questions, made me think.
How everyone could share what they were intelligent at, and the different activities that could be used for different intelligence.
I liked the interaction during the session today and I liked the resources you gave for further self learning like the book and the webpage at VeryWellMind.
Loved handouts
Easy to follow, good pace allowed for adequate processing time between slides
I did not know about the naturalist intelligence and the picture intelligence!
This was my first webinar with you, the time worked well for me. The content flowed, I appreciated the follow up material.
learning all the intelligences
The interactive parts of it
Pictures and examples as well as people having ability to give input and ask and answer questions
I enjoyed to links and also the spreadsheet of intelligences
Learning new ways to teach others based on their best style
Learning of different intelligences, and various interventions to be used.
Great to get some ideas from other people about how to help different people.
the chart
The deep details into the different intelligences and how we can use this within our field.
great information and visuals
To learn that there is more than one type of intelligence. Also to hear different suggestions for each of the intelligences.
list of people and their intelligence style
everybody giving ideas of activities that fall into each catergories
I really enjoyed learning about a new topic!
I like how you broke down each type of intelligence. I didn’t know that there were 8 types!
I enjoyed the examples you gave with each type of intelligence
Liked having everyone’s input!
Challenging me to think outside the box and think of different activities in all these areas
I liked how you asked about different things that could be used for each type of intelligence
learned what other learning styles could be helpful
Learning all the styles
Learning the different types of learning and how to implement them
Danny is awesome at speaking!
remembering the other intelligences that we don’t see often
I love the jokes!