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Danny Pettry presented a free one-hour webinar titled: How to be an effective leader and get double results, through his online Wednesday Webinar series.

Evaluations are posted at our blog for transparency reasons.

Here are the highlights:









  • 265 people clicked the registration link and 210 of those people registered. We had 92 people attend the live training (44%). OF course those who missed the live training will receive the webinar replay.


  • 86 on average interest (B)
  • 89% on average attentiveness (B+)

What did people enjoy about this webinar?

·         Overall information was good
·         I appreciated that you defined leaders (good or bad) so we could compare. I liked that we learned the several leadership styles to get a background idea and then stepped into how to become an effective leader. The subject was covered from several perspectives.
·         it helped me be more aware of my own leadership style both positive and negative
·         Made me aware of my leadership style
·         Makes you think what type of leader you are and become more effective of a leader
·         I learned a lot about myself and those who supervise me presently
·         Five discipline of multiplier
·         Knowing the different ways to speak to your staff
·         Identifying the leadership styles, this way makes you stop and think about your own leadership style
·         “Make people feel smarter rather than be the smart one”
·         All the positive. Ways to show the styles
·         I keep learning more ways to be a better leader.
·         Learning about the different leadership styles and the opposite style
·         It was a nice reminder of leadership types. It’s been a while since in a leadership role, or so I thought. The reminder that we are when we leads groups was great.
·         I enjoyed the interactive aspect through the questions you asked. I also enjoyed the pictures at the beginning.
·         loved learning about the various multipliers. It seems that people can be a spectrum of more than one at a time. It all depends on the situation.
·         I loved learning the different styles of leadership this helped me pinpoint my weakness.
·         Yes, I leaned a lot
·         I enjoyed the different types of leadership styles learned and all the feedback given from questions. The feedback opened up my perspective on leadership.
·         Learning all of the roles we play as Rec Therapists and all of the qualities to become a multiplier.
·         I enjoyed learning about the disciplines of a multiplier.
·         He was engaging, fun, entertaining and informative.
·         I enjoyed the webinar and appreciated the refresher on leadership styles and how to approach different leadership styles.
·         As always, informative and fun
·         I just started a new job so it was helpful for me to hear this information and have some insight on leadership styles early on.  I have never learned about magnifiers/diminishers so I enjoyed going into that detail.  This is also my first webinar and I liked the active participation piece for questions and answers!
·         Educational-good to have the definitions of leaders and examples of how those leaders act in work place.
·         I enjoy the visual aids that you put on the slides. I am a visual learner.
·         Found places from me to improve
·         I enjoyed learning more about the different types of leaders and seeing how I can better myself as a leader
·         I learn about what type of leader I am as well as my coworkers
·         getting more knowledge on leadership.
·         All the good info!
·         I like the light heartedness and how informational your content is. I learned so much information that I never knew/ was reeducated on.
·         I enjoyed the information provided and the emphasis on growth
·         learning about the different types of leaders
·         I liked how you showed many different theories. As well as giving people advice on their questions
·         It was informative
·         I enjoyed how it was interactive and was able to keep my attention. I enjoyed how he said that he has A.D.D because i have A.D.H.D and i like to share that with people too. I believe it makes you seem more transparent and that helps make you more relatable.
·         all the examples
·         Interested in topic-learned something
·         very accurate
·         the jokes
·         Liked learning the different types of styles of leaderships
·         The entire session. Great session and learned a lot.
·         I enjoyed the multiplier and the diminisher aspects- I had never heard of that before but I see how Liz Wiseman got the different leadership styles
·         Learning about the different styles of leadership and how I can improve the way I lead groups
·         free
·         I liked all the visuals and pictures.
·         Being a team player and bringing out the glitter in others.
·         Always enjoy your webinars!
·         Easy to follow, learned a lot in an hour
·         The relatable content and personal stories.
·         “Make people feel smarter rather than be the smart one”
·         I really enjoyed this webinar. Thanks Danny!
·         Real life examples with each leadership type
·         learning tools
·         very informative


How could this webinar training have been improved?

People said:

I’m not sure if it is my end of the screen, but I felt the slides were moving too slow for your talking. This is my second webinar and in the first one I did not have an issue. I will follow up with you as I attend more sessions. Maybe it was my connection.
it really helped me identify the different leadership styles
Great webinar
I thought it was great
It was a good session
It was great!
I feel the webinar is as well done, great mix of questions and slides very informative
I do not have any suggestions. It was a good webinar.
Longer explanation of  styles
It was great!
First webinar I did. Found it to be an interesting format. I enjoyed it. Thank you
I thought it was all very informative.
slow down when presenting a slide with a lot of information. I like to take notes but I’m not the fastest at writing.
It was a great webinar.
It was a perfect webinar.
Thank you for offering your free webinars! This was my first experience attending a webinar and I enjoyed it very much.
I enjoyed and learned. I don’t think it needs improving.
I believe the webinar was very good.
Nice job Danny
This was my first webinar and I really liked it! I would have enjoyed a little bit more detail about how to identify what type of leader you are and how to ensure you’re actively working on being a magnifier, but overall I am happy with this information.
My sound was good until you started having people type in questions and from then on it was echoing/robotic sounding. I was still able to hear what was said but it was not nice sounding. Not sure if issue occurred on my computer or with the webinar.
Direct other questions unrelated to the webinar to a personal email or something so questions about the webinar can be answered.
all good Danny.  Thanks
Enjoyed it!
No improvement.
Maybe more frequent interaction
Love the session. I love how you include personal information to make it more personal and easy to listen.
I liked it just the way it was
It was great
I found the entire webinar to be very effective how it was
More time explaining the styles
great webinar.
it was good
Be more interactive with questions
The webinar works great! I somehow missed the video feed at the start but got it back! I am excited to get the powerpoint so I can review the slides as I wrote as fast as I could. Thanks!
Great webinar, learned a lot 🙂
Awesome as always!
I like that sessions start on time and end on time.
I love the webinars!
Nothing to improve
I really enjoyed it. I don’t have any specific suggestions. Thank you!
Longer overview of information at the end of the webinar would be great for things we may have missed or wanted to get a little more info. about again!
I continue to enjoy Danny’s webinars and try to make it to each one available! I really appreciate his dedication to the profession. We need more people like him!
Nothing webinar was great thank you!
very good