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Howdy there —
I’m hosting the #TakeoverTuesday on May 14th, 2019 for ATRA.
I’ll be posting a few videos and pictures about Recreational Therapy at our psychiatric hospital in Huntington, West Virginia at the ATRA facebook, Instagram, and twitter pages.
There will be a few short videos with some of our Recreational Therapists about the population we serve and the evidenced-based practices that we use to help bring about the best outcomes.
#ATRA #ATRAinAction
Your friend and partner in Rec Therapy,
Danny Pettry
Danny Pettry is a Lifetime member of ATRA who initially joined the association in 1999. Pettry has won the 2004 ATRA Peg Connolly (student) scholarship to attend the national conference. Pettry had won the 2005 ATRA Advocate of the Year award; and was acknowledged the Certificate of Recognition in Recreational Therapy from ATRA in 2018. Pettry has provided three presentations at national ATRA conferences, including: Washington D.C. (Area), Pittsburgh, PA, and Chicago. Pettry has submitted articles for several of the past ATRA newsletters.
Pettry has been involved in several ATRA committees (Rec Therapy Month committee) and (Peg Connolly Scholarship selection committee). Pettry’s enjoys being part of the Public Policy committee at ATRA the most.
Danny Pettry does not run for ATRA board member positions due to possible conflict of interest holding his current position at Rec Therapy Today (Continuing Education through Innovation) .