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Danny Pettry presented a webinar titled, “Interpersonal Success Secrets” on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 (from 7:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.)

The information below is posted for transparency reasons.

  • 104 people attended this webinar
  • 90% was the average of the interest ranting
  • 38% of the 270 people who registered participated in the live webinar. Those who didn’t participate in the live webinar will receive a replay video.
  • 60 minutes (one hour was covered. The graph below indicates the session started at 6:58 p.m. and ended at 8:06 p.m. A session must be 60 minutes for a person to get an hour credit. I stated late to for questions and answers.


How could this webinar be improved?

Overall — there weren’t too many problems. I highlighted ones I need to address in the future.

·         The microphone for me was going in and out at times. But I loved that it was interactive learning.
·         Very engaging and personable, even through the call in option!
·         It was very good.
·         No critiques at this time.  Thank you for the seminar it was very informative.
·         I used my tablet to view the webinar and wasn’t able to view the question box to be able to type responses. I’m not sure if that’s an issue with the mobile app, an issue on my end with the type of device used, or an issue on your end. If that can be addressed, it would help with future webinars. Thank you!
·         No suggestions; it was a great webinar!  Helpful info as a practitioner & also great skills that are applicable to teach to certain populations/clients/patients.
·         Very thoughtful presentation, and very thought provoking as well.
·         Honestly, can’t think of anything negative! I really appreciate you and your sessions.
·         Excellent and provided great information
·         Thank you,  love getting the hand out and able to look a slide show later date.
·         It was a great webinar and I look forward to taking more soon! 🙂
·         It was pretty wonderful! I think that you did a great job Danny!
·         It was great
·         It was terrific. Informative and lively.
·         I enjoyed how the webinar was presented with lots of examples by you and others attending the webinar!
·         I love how you offer free CEU’s and your presentation is so clear and easy to grasp. Thank you.
·         It was great!
·         Always positive
·         I was almost late, my computer wouldn’t let me open the webinar, so maybe having the ability to have the webinar info link to download ahead of time? I was driving home from work and barely made it! I’m mountain time. I love these webinars and want to participate!

I Love people that are genuine and love to build strong positive rapport. I want to use this with a session I will have this week!

·         This was very informative. Thank you!
·         It would have been nice to see other people’s responses because I only saw my own answers.
·         It was great. I don’t see any reason for improvements.
·         Providing a link to print the slide show prior to webinar would be awesome for note taking! I

Danny’s comments: I do provide a link to download a worksheet/ guide with questions prior to the webinar. I should make that easier to find.

·         n/a
·         Another GREAT webinar!
·         It was amazing, thank you!
·         It was great!
·         I felt it was fine the way that it was
·         love doing it earlier!!
·         It was great! The “adding value to others lives” is really sticking with me.
·         Thank you so much!  This was really great.  I will share this with my co-workers, staff and individuals.
·         Thought it was great as always. Do you ever do longer webinars?
·         This is my favorite webinar I’ve done of yours
·         I actually would like it to be an hour and a half. I really enjoyed this webinar!
·         Thank you!
·         🙂
·         nothing.  I like that you send the slides.
·         Webinar was helpful- thanks!
·         very good and informative. this was my first one and i will definitely be back!
·         great webinar
·         really interactive.

great work. keep it up.

·         Great presentation!
·         not sure it was great
·         Was good as usual
·         It was great. no improvements needed. I am enjoying these webinars by you!
·         list it here
·         This was great, Danny! Thanks.
·         N/A – great webinar!
·         It was perfect.


What did you enjoy about this webinar?

·         Everything – great webinar!
·         The whole webinar!! Danny for being someone with medium interpersonal skills you did great! I laughed and had a real good time! I’ll be back!!!
·         the interactiveness
·         Learning to better use people skills. I am a pretty shy person in general so it was great to get some pointers.
·         That examples were given and slides were not just read. That he takes questions during the webinar.
·         I was able to gain some tips to use with my clients while supporting them while in social setting within their community.
·         that is was free!
·         I am a strong confident person!
·         I liked being able to answer questions.
·         Examples, information on how to do your own interpersonal test free. Thanks
·         It was easy to understand.
·         I really enjoyed all the information presented. I liked the PQ tool given.
·         Yes. It was full of great information and reminders.
·         Interacting and making me feel more confident.
·         Convince to listen or watch from home
·         very informative
·         Good information
·         real life examples and the feedback from other listeners
·         Variety of options – assessment tool and 10 skills.
·         Learning about the 5 Love Languages!
·         Can be used across a variety of treatment centers and for yourself as well! Will be great to teach too.
·         it was informative
·         Upbeat
·         Good resources and good review of information.
·         Having your participants join in, by typing in opinions, very wonderful!
·         You were very encouraging and uplifting to rec therapists! Thanks again.
·         Lots of information and easy to follow
·         Everything!
·         Everything — it was awesome!
·         Info was great material – either new skills learned, or helpful reminders when experiencing frustration/burnout.
·         Very true to what I experience on a daily basis.
·         Acquiring behavior identifying skills
·         You gave time for us to give examples.
·         Great to dive deeper into this knowledge and get new ideas!
·         Clearly outlined objectives. Thanks for the no cost CEU option!
·         Learning how to improve on my skills to better not only myself but those around me
·         Everything!!
·         I did not know about the first assessment you showed, so that will be helpful for me to use in my setting.
·         I enjoyed you always having interaction.
·         Discovering a tool to determine your PQ
·         Interaction
·         I noticed things that I do at work that I’ll try to be more cognizant of now to be a better listener..
·         I always like the interactive part of the webinars.
·         interactive
·         I loved the interactive learning throughout the presentation.
·         I really like the 10 interpersonal skills.
·         n/a
·         The side notes and examples helps make it clear and explain how to use skills
·         I learned a lot.
·         I liked that I can take this information and apply it to my job tomorrow!!

Word cloud for what people enjoyed about the webinar: