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Do you need to: relieve stress, reduce anxiety, quiet the busy mind, sharpen focus, and heighten creativity?

Enter the world of labyrinths—ancient, circular, contained, calming paths for stressful lives!

Steal ten minutes each day to color the winding walkways of the world’s most entrancing labyrinths to soothe mental tension, achieve stillness, and find calm through meditative coloring.

•The stunning, unique, designs are each printed on a separate sheet of paper, allowing them to be removed for framing or gifting.

•A blank scribble page gives you a place to try out different coloring techniques and textures using your favorite colors, crayons, paints, gel pens, or pastels.

•A back blank page for you to write your reflections during this mindfulness activity.

With differing levels of difficulties, color to your heart’s delight and reap profound tranquility and therapeutic benefits in the process!

Diana Ng, a leadership consultant with a nursing background, is an international speaker and published author of the book titled Walking the Labyrinth: Your Path to Peace and Possibilities. Visit her online peace store. She is recognized by her community as the Labyrinth Lady. www.labyrinthlady.ca