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The following ten (10) people won Rec Therapy Care Packs out of the 320 people who entered for a chance to win. Odds of winning were 10 out of 310 (.03125) chance of winning. Random number generator was used to select winners. Purchase of services from Rec Therapy Today does NOT increase chances of winning.

These Rec Therapy care packs included the following:

  • Relaxation coloring book ($12 Value)
  • Brain Games activity book ($9 Value)
  • Pack of color markers
  • Rec Therapy Today notepads
  • Rec Therapy Today ink pens
  • Rec Therapy Today stickers
  • Lifesavers candy — because our CEU program has been called a “lifesaver”
  • Double mint gum

The ten (10) luck winners are:

  1. Christine G., Largo, Florida
  2. Judy M., Seaside, California
  3. Meagan D., Highlands, Utah
  4. Darcey S., Livonia, Missouri
  5. Emma H., St. Louis, Missouri
  6. Chelsee S. Brighton, Colorado
  7. Christyna P., Indianapolis, Indiana
  8. Diane W-D., Pittson, Pennsylvania
  9. Merritt K., Greensville, South Carolina
  10. Kathy B., Harpers Ferry, West Virginia


There will be more contests at Rec Therapy Today in the future.

We try to provide at least one giveaway every month — and sometimes more.

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