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I presented: Develop Your Potential: Achieve Your Biggest Goals This Year, as my keynote continuing education webinar for 2019.

60 participants have evaluated the session at this time. 

Read the raving reviews below. :

·         Good examples – the lamp was a good one. Also loved the vision board idea.

·         short and easy to listen to


I am working on goal setting right now and will be able to use some of what I heard.


Everything, it makes you rethink somethings and manage things with yourself differently.


·         the 4 points were very helpful.


He made some good points and was easy to follow along with. I liked how he involved the people listening by asking questions and taking surveys.

·         I enjoyed that he encouraged us to make a vision board, gave us quotes, and 4 success principles.

I love the accessibility of the webinar. This specific topic was great to start the new year off right. I look forward to implementing the things I learned in my practice and daily life.


·         I enjoyed the examples he gave. It makes you think failure can lead to sucess.

·         I enjoyed:
-Danny’s genuine and gentle humor.
-The topic, although things we hear all the time, there were good reminders.
-Interactive questions and that Danny read through them aloud-felt like we were all in the same room 🙂
-Action prompts- Rate your satisfaction; what can I do more of/less of/new; what is your BHAG.
-That I can use the information with myself AND with participants.
-That Danny stuck around for questions even though the hour was up, and what a great resource he was. If he didn’t have the info he would point you in the right direction.
·         I enjoyed that it boosted my self esteem for work!

·         I enjoyed the group participation.

·         I thought the information was educational, but also made you think about yourself and how to help others.



·         Specific tips and first hand examples made it easier to comprehend and apply to practice


Made me think about my response to events in my life (E+R=O)


The ability to rewatch!


It gave me some new ways to think about my goals and how to visualize them.




Positive outlook


Could do it from home

·         You present the material in a fun easy way to learn and give examples.

·         I enjoyed that he engaged with his viewers through questions, polls and personal examples. I also appreciated that the topic of his post was applicable both to the professional and the client.

·         I enjoyed the 4 steps to success mentioned
·         I thought it offered good information and I like that Danny offered additional resources at the end.
·         I always enjoy Danny’s webinars. I enjoyed that this one in particular was about ourselves as Recreation Therapists and how we can be better. After all, we can’t help those we serve unless we have first helped ourselves!
·         It has inspired me and motivated me to set goals and follow through.  Like the vision board.
·         As a semi-retired LRT/CTRS, I have been evaluating new goals for complete retirement but maintaining my CTRS and licensure as well. At 70 y/o, how can I explore new directions and skills to maintain physical strength, brain fitness, and social ties without going in 20 different directions.

·         Your webinar demonstrated information to help focus on the BHAG (my 5 year plan), change my questions and persist in attaining new goals one by one.


So positive …   thank you


4 key principles

·         I recently retired (actually twice) as a LRT/CTRS but wanted to continue working Prn. However at age 70 and nearly 27 years in the field (I was a latecomer), exploring new possibilities have been on my mind but I wasn’t certain how to approach the new direction. This webinar has enabled me to think about recording my past life adventures and how to focus on “Where to go from here”.

Thank you.

·         Interactive

·         I found it very motivating! I like the idea of doing a Vision Board to chart out my BHAG and I think my Residents would enjoy it as well!

·         I have found your webinars easy to follow and always take useful information from them.
My only complaint..is: I am always working for the first half hour of them (as I live on the West Coast) so often get residents coming into my office wondering what I am doing. I miss out on things you say so am hoping the link you send us to the webinar includes your vocals as well as the Power Point presentation. I guess I will find out once you send it out!


·         Kept it interesting and put things into a good perspective


Reminded me if some things I’ve learned and offered new things as well. Made me think of how to do things better.

·         I love all the quotes such as “be a discipline person” and “Done is better than perfect”.  I love asking people for a penny project for ten pennies. I think I will try it sometime.
·         The jokes! And the fact that you are so positive through the whole.
·         I really enjoyed the simplicity of the 4 principles that we covered. I have felt pretty defeated about some things at work regarding supplies and things. It was a good reminder that it never hurts to ask and not to give up when things don’t go your way the first time. I learned about vision boards from a friend and love the idea. I want to continue to do them for myself as well as keep implementing them for my patients at work.
·         The sw sw sw sw was very neat!
·         I enjoyed the webinar, it is the first one I’ve ever attended.  I liked it because not only did it make me think about my own success, but how I can help my patients to start thinking about their success.
·         This webinar was motivational and had great points to use in my personal life as well as my professional life.
·         well organized and motivating
·         It was audio.
·         All the great ideas and techniques presented for use in both personal and professional life.
·         Informative. Good steps to follow and spread to others. I already am becoming familiar with Jack Canfield and his works.
·         I love that Danny made this webinar expand my knowledge of what I already knew and validated my thoughts
·         Good information.
·         I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! I have taken the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People training at work and this was a great way to review it and I can tie them both together. I also talk about circles of control with my adults with disabilities so I loved being able to relate it to my own life. This has been one of my favorite sessions of yours so far! 🙂
·         I enjoyed the interactive piece, information, and stories.
·         SW SW SW SW was probably what I took away most from this webinar.  Most of the content was pretty self explanatory.  Or it may have seemed that way to me as I graduated in 2013 and in our mental health class, we went in depth in this content.  A refresher is always good though
·         I enjoyed the reminders of using the positive affirmations. Also liked the emphasis in changing your reaction.  And the  example you told of the girl with willy wonka hair.
·         Loved the 4 principles
·         Gave me motivation to strive for a more successful life
·         Everything is presented to be useful in the working world or in life
·         The sw-sw-sw-sw that was awesome!
·         The questions to interact the listeners!!
·         Reinforcement … we teach it to others, but it’s nice to be encouraged ourselves.
·         very interesting information and very relevant
·         As always learning something new. Thanks!

·         very informative

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