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Coins add up.

There are pennies on the ground quite often.

I see about one penny every other day.

Sometimes there are dimes, nickels, and even quarters.

I found a $20 bill once just floating in the wind right outside of my car circa 2013.  

The most interesting catch:

In March 2018, I stopped at a McDonald’s to get a cup of coffee (on my way back from a Rec Therapy conference) that was held in Williamsburg, Virginia. This McDonald’s was somewhere in Virginia. 

I saw a green bill floating across the parking lot. That bill floated right under the passenger side of my car. I opened my door (on the driver’s side) and the bill came right to my hand. It was a one dollar bill. Most people wouldn’t think something like that is even possible.

I always pick up pennies.

 I’m surprised that people just leave them on the ground when they drop them.

Sometimes I’ll drop the penny in the charity bucket at the gas station.

Of course – if I know the owner of the money, I’d give it back to them.

In example: if I saw a person drop a money then I’d definitely give it back to the person who dropped it. I’d go out of my way to get it back to them.

The money that I collect is often small coins discarded by people as not worthy of holding onto.

Time and Money

Some people say time is money.

There is time for work and time for leisure.

Work is often paid for with money (more of an extrinsic) reward.

Leisure time is something done for free (or by spending money). It’s more of an intrinsic reward.

I estimate that I’ve collected about $10 worth of money if I added up every single coin or dollar that I have found over in 2018 alone. Of course, I stop at the gas station almost every single morning for coffee. I believe coffee is money spent well (Laugh aloud).

I believe I’m a money magnet.

Money Math

If it takes two seconds to pick up a penny. I could pick up 30 pennies in one minute (pending I’m picking up one every two seconds). That would be 18,000 pennies in an hour or ($18.00 an hour). Wow – that is nice salary compared to the $4.97 that I made at my first job working at a restaurant.

Money Mindset

Money flows easily to me from multiple sources.

I’m open to receiving money.

There is abundance everywhere.

Some people think of money in the world as one big pie and everyone is trying to get a bigger piece of the pie.

I see the universe of a place with multiple and endless pies.

Here is my question for you:

Do you pick up pennies? Post below: