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Chicken Soup for the Soul was rejected by 144 publishers. If Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen gave up after 100 publishers the world wouldn’t have had Chicken Soup for the Sou.

I’ve created a story/ picture book that teaches children about giving up blame and excuses and taking 100% responsibility.

The title is: Emma Smith’s Secrets to Survive: A Book About Responsibility 

I firmly believe children in American need to learn more about responsibility.

I’m not giving up on this book project.

I’m dedicated and persistent.

I’ve got to sell this book concept to a publisher first.

Here is a list of prestigious publishers that have sent me rejection letters:

  1. Chicken Soup for the Soul (publishing company)
  2. Health Communications, Inc.
  3. Idyll Arbor
  4. Scholastic
  5. National Center for Youth Issues
  6. New Harbinger
  7. Hay House

Previously, I had learned that it isn’t ethical to submit an article to multiple journals. It had been suggested to me to only send it one at a time. I’ve decided this might not be the case with major book publishers. I’m going to move towards mailing out mass manuscripts to hundreds of publications.

Do you know of a publisher that wants a great book? If so — let me know.

Email: Danny@DannyPettry.com