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Today, I had the opportunity to present on “trauma-focused recreational therapy for children and adolescents” at the 2018 North Carolina Recreational Therapy Association conference.


I like to share evaluations for transparency reasons.


Here is the rating scale:

  • 1: Strongly Agree
  • 2: Agree
  • 3: Undecided
  • 4: Disagree
  • 5: Strongly Disagree

My Scores:

  1. This session contributed to my professional knowledge: Average: 1.25
  2. The session met identified learning objectives: 1 (A+)
  3. This session was well organized: 1.13
  4. The instructional methods used were effective: 1.13
  5. The instructor was knowledgeable about his/ her subject: 1 (A+)
  6. The established learning outcomes were achieved: 1 (A+)
  7. I would be interested in attending additional subjects on this topic: 1 (A+)
  8. A positive learning environment was provided (lighting, sound, audio/ visual equipment) 1 (A+)
  9. My overall rating of this session: 1.13
  10. My overall rating for the speaker is: 1.13
  11. My overall rating for the physical learning environment is: 1.25


Additional comments:


  • Loved it! Very educational. Knowledgeable, kept us involved and interactive!
  • Very educational, thank you.
  • Great session, thanks for all the info and intervention ideas.
  • Humor!
  • *Danny is a great practitioner and is very knowledgeable about his field. The activities he provides balances well with the information*
  • Danny is a wonderful presenter and I loved examples of interventions. Great resource for us students to pull from.