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Danny Pettry, M.Ed., M.S., LPC, NCC, CTRS-BHS  provided a Webinar through his (Rec Therapy CEUs) webinar series on Trauma-Focused Recreational Therapy for Children and Adolescents was provided today.

Here are the insights for transparency reasons.

The average time in session was 61 minutes – which is good. A person must be present for at least 50 minutes to get continuing education certificate through Danny Pettry’s (Rec Therapy CEUs).

Were people attentive? 89.71% (B+)

Where people interested? 92.01% (A-)

Danny Pettry

Recreational Therapy Continuing Education.

What did you enjoy about this webinar? 

Here are the reviews we received tonight:

everything..ur webinars are fantastic
very informative!!
Comics, pictures, analogies
I liked how Danny explained all the information in the webinar. The information provide gave additional insight on what can be utilized for populations being served.
Presentation of the material was fun and light by using the dog example and fire alarm analogy
I loved the recommendations of different children’s books and ideas to use for different approaches.
The acronyms and analogies of how trauma could been seen from the victims point of view were neat.
Seemed to bridge the gap between counseling and RT in an accessible way.
Humanistic Approaches
I enjoyed the acronyms and different ways to remember the tools! I also enjoyed learning what types of things were in my scope of practice and how you work with other members if the interdisciplinary team.
I enjoyed how easy it was to follow. I also enjoyed the interactive questions. I felt validated, engaged, and curious when listening to this webinar. I liked all of the examples that he shared of activities to do instead of just sharing what the acronyms stood for.
I enjoy acronyms. They help me remember the basics and important aspects of the model.
The examples you used.
Fire alarm example. I think I’m pictures and I will always remember that example when I work with people who are reliving trauma.
The many examples you provided and the easygoing style of delivery.
Loved the fire alarm analogy and will definitely be using that as an example for my residents.
good info!
Even though it is geared towards children I feel that the information was good for working with older adults.
Love how some of it is applicable to adults as well! Working with veterans and PTSD, these can be so helpful.
Great info. Relates to my job
Great examples. Learned lots to bring to my ABI group programming.
Love the acronyms. Would love to get the slides
I enjoyed the different therapy ideas and hearing your first hand experience
It was interesting learning things his hospital does to help their pt
I enjoyed learning the different acronyms.
Loved it all
I loved it a lot
The thoughts on a hollistic humanistic perspective.
Liked the dog Video
How knowledgeable Danny was
Just learning more about DBT
Great information and applicable information for work.

How could this webinar have been improved?

Here are the reviews we received tonight:

It was excellent
n/a, webinars are always great
I like the interaction throughout the session and the creative analogies and use of pictures.
a longer session going further into detail on the forms of therapy would have been nice
In the transition between power point and internet browser, it was a slow connection which ended up making the dog video lag which took away from the video, but other than that everything was great.
More videos of examples of the three concepts!
Video was jumpy and hard to watch through the webinar.
It was a very informative session
I loved this webinar. I would have loved to have seen some up to date research on these topics since I know that something my program is currently trying to be better at using data to support our practice.
Possibly to download slides.
I enjoy learning about mental health and trauma in adolescents. I also like learning new techniques in how to approach different types of scenarios.
I enjoyed it and I am thankful for a free ceu. I think expanding on real life examples and giving imagery like the fire alarm example is really helpful.
I would like to know more about what techniques are used to make it evidence based?  Do you survey your patients before and after treatment to see improvement?  I really enjoyed the presentation a lot more than I thought I would.  Thank you!
dog video was a bit choppy. not sure if that can be fixed, but thought i’d let you know.
It was great!
watching the youtube video was a little hard to watch. It was pretty choppy. But overall I loved this webinar.
This was great with so many RT activities to implement.
I think this webinar was more engaging than the last 2 ( which were both still awesome) – the videos and examples were great! 🙂
I like the examples, they help to out things into perspective.
Can not think of any thing
I love these webinars
More interaction.
Great webinar! thank you
I do not think anything needs improving! It was very informative and I appreciated all of the information.
More interactive.

The dog video was kind of choppy.

Nothing, these are always great!
Supply a handout with information to follow along. I would have liked to take notes. It was an hour webinar and I did not have enough time to take down notes the whole time.
very informative

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