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Rec Therapy CEUs — Reviews

I presented on the healing power of expressing emotions tonight through my Rec Therapy CEUs webinar program.

Here are the evaluations for transparency reasons:

The average length of a person who attended webinar was 63 minutes – which is good knowledge because ethically, I can only award one clock hour for 60 minutes. The full session was 75 minutes.

  • 288 people clicked on the registration link.
  • 202 out of the 288 people actually registered for this session. That was about a 70% rate.
  • Of those 202 – about half (50%) 103 people actually attended. Of course many of those who didn’t attend will get access to the limited time replay over the next few days.

Were people paying attention?

Average attentiveness was: 90.24%

Average interest rate was: 92.67


What do you enjoy about this webinar? People said:

·         You weren’t simply covering one discipline. It was easily adaptable for all
·         Motivation techniques
·         The truth in it, I love journalism. I appreciated the adaptive techniques mentioned.
·         I liked the activity suggestions, book recommendations, memoir excerpts, and the interactive aspect of the webinar.
·         I really enjoyed the different ways to complete the journaling process. I also liked the interaction that we have with the one exercise to see how it works.
·         Ways to adapt journaling.
·         The information provided was very useful!
·         great, I would like to implement this at work and at home
·         Very interactive and required you to focus on the presentation. Good list of book recommendations. Great topic I’d like to dive into more.
·         A lot of resources and activities for this type of intervention
·         the examples are great and you explained how i can improve my journaling program where i work.
·         Lots of great info. Thanks, Danny!
·         VERY GOOD
·         It was the first time I’ve learned more in-depth information about journaling.
·         Journaling and examples
·         Engaging, good information and books to read
·         How interactive it was Example on how words can impact us or motivate Example with seniors
·         Cool activity examples ! Also will read some of the diaries talked about
·         This webinar was very eye opening and gave me some great ideas to use with my residents. Thank you!
·         good topic!! good ideas and group ideas for all populations
·         I enjoyed the different activity ideas you gave as suggestions for groups.
·         The wealth of knowledge that Danny has!
·         I meant to say in the last slide good job. I enjoyed it, you deliver in a manner that makes it fun and interesting
·         Yes, i like the stories and activities.
·         I enjoyed the activity you provided and examples with book titles
·         I enjoyed hearing about the books you used for examples. I enjoy reading and have read Go Ask Alice before.
·         I enjoyed the activities a lot and learning how journaling can be used as a therapeutic tool.
·         The activities that were towards the end 🙂
·         The layout and engagement with the activities.
·         Very interactive.
·         Thought it was thinking out side of the box.
·         Very upbeat and great to listen to.
·         The interactive activities!
·         I learned a lot of good tips and ideas and especially like to hear personal stories of different people who were successful with expressing their emotions as a way to work through their trauma.
·         That it was a time I could sit down and enjoy
·         Learning how journaling could be incorporated into a therapy program for those who may not want to journal. the use of questions through the activities was very inspiring.
·         I enjoyed the interaction.

How could this webinar have been improved? People said:

Good session
I cant think of any. I thought it was done well.
It seemed a little rushed, and focused mostly on journaling–and although journaling is a great way to express oneself, I wish the webinar also covered other modes of expressing emotions, such as art, music, dance, etc.
More interactive
Can’t think of anything.
Great presentation and timely!!
A lot of the books you talked about were great and they were books that i completely forgot about but just reminded me how great they are and how empowering they can be in recreation therapy.
I enjoyed the webinar and do not have any feedback for improvements.
Taking a little less time on famous people and more time on the content of the books mentioned
I don’t think there needs to be any improvements to this webinar
I think the reflection during the activity could have been more “real”, it felt rushed and as a result as “fake”. It would be more effective for learning to instruct others to spend more time experiencing.
Great job, Danny! Looking forward to the next course.
Leave a little more time to go over the activities, and to have more time to go into further discussion about the benefits of the activities.
Focus on how to create a program and how to make it last and meaningful
Is there anyway to see the rest of the attendees comments in the “question” box? I think that would be beneficial.
No complaints.
nothing! Great info
thank-you 🙂
I thought it was awesome!
Very informative! Thank you:)
More examples of activities you could do, but loved the examples you provided.
It was great! thanks
It was all lovely, very informative and fun!!
I thought it was great. Thank you for keeping it fresh.
I thought this was well laid out and presented. It was very informative.
Maybe more examples that you or others have used that are creative expressions of our clients.
When presenting a question if would be helpful to keep it up throughout segment. Thank you!

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