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FREE DBT Workbook for Rec Therapy Group Sessions

I presented on Marsha Linehan’s Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for Recreational Therapists last week during my webinar series (on 9/26/18).

I promised that I’d create an activity workbook for recreational therapists to download.

Recreational therapists and allied professionals can print and use this workbook for educational, recreational, therapy, and non-commercial uses.

The good news is – If you know the DBT skills – you can teach the skills.

Of course – true evidenced-based practice in DBT requires intense training and consultation calls.

This brief workbook is in no way adequate for teaching the knowledge and content developed by Marshal Linehan.

Recreational therapists and allied professionals can modify the worksheets in this workbook to meet their patient needs.

DBT Skills Workbook for Rec Therapy Sessions