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Eliot Andre and his wife Lauren Andre are the founders of Connected Roots.

Connected Roots is a unique and holistic therapy practice built upon the three pillars of:


Connected Roots help people to:

– Cultivate deeper connections with themselves and others

– Identify and strengthen the roots that keep them grounded
* Our roots are what keeps us grounded in our life and sense of self; they are the supportive people in our lives, nature, our values, our goals, our beliefs, and more.

– Build confidence in their ability to cope with life’s stressors

Their Vision & Mission is to inspire a deeper connection with oneself, others, and nature and to create a space for people to express themselves authentically with the support of a group and the surrounding natural environment.

Connect with your roots.
Define Yourself.

Go to their Website: connectedroots.net

Social Media: @connectedrootstherapy