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I held a contest that ended at midnight on Aug. 17, 2018.

And the winner is…

Toni H., from Pennsylvania 

A total of 133 people entered this contest at my site.

Odds of winning were 1 out of 133. (.0075 chance of winning).

A Random number generator online selected entry # 62

Toni receive the following gifts:

  • RecTherapyTodaycom (T-shirt)
  • RecTherapyToday.com (hat)
  • RecTherapyTodaycom (Coffee stein)
  • Five clock hours of continuing education (self-study CEU course)

Do you want to be a real winner?

Contests are just random numbers. Like a 1 in 133 chance of winning. No skill necessary. It’s random.

But skills can help you to win at some things in life. Many experts argue that chance favors the prepared mind. In other words, those who are prepared and ready will be luckier.

Are you prepared for success?

Positivity is associated with success.

Want to learn more? Take a self-study CEU course on positivity. It has a discounted price during the month of August. 

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