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How to Start Something Great (tips for Rec Therapists)

A Book Review of David Kadavy’s (2018) book, The Heart to Start: Win the Inner War and Let Your Art Shine


Kadavy, D. (2018) The heart to start: win the inner wars and let our art shine. Kadvay Inc.


Rec Therapists are Already Starters

Professional rec therapists are already starters. They wouldn’t be rec therapists if they didn’t get started. The process consisted of starting and completing several major projects. They complete undergraduate school, an internship training, passed certification exams, applied for positions, and started working. They start and they do.


Rec Therapist Desires

There are some Rec therapists who desired to do more with their work and personal life. They aspire to something greater. They have something to offer this world.

Here is a small list of goals that rec therapists may want to start and complete a:

  • bakery
  • book club
  • charity for s special population
  • crafts program
  • GoalFriends® group
  • jewelry business
  • private practice in rec therapy
  • recreational therapy consulting business
  • Tribe Called Bliss group
  • walking/ exercise group
  • novel (reading one or writing one)
  • And many other things. too.


The question is:  what do you desire to create?

Go big! Double what you desire.

Those recreational therapists who follow their hearts desire and complete their goal will become self-actualized.

Rec Therapist Problems

The current problem is: How do you get started now if you’re already working full-time? 

Rec therapists are often already busy working around 40hours a week. It takes a lot to get started. Think of a rocket ship. It takes a lot of energy to pull away from Earth’s gravity to reach space. But once rocket ship doesn’t require much more energy once it has pulled away from the gravitational pull. Getting started with special project is often like that. It takes rocket ship power to get started.

Solutions to assist Rec Therapist in getting started:

Kadavy (2018) had written a book to encourage people to start (and finish) projects. His book is the fuel a rec therapist could use to start.

Here are a few tips for rec therapists based on Kadavy’s (2018) tips:

    • Fight against distractions (p45). Kadavy is arguing for a person to stop wasting time with distractions (like playing video games or watching reruns) when that time could be used to getting started on a big project. What do you waste time on? Destroy that distraction.
    • Watch Job’s (2005) commencement at Stanford for inspiration:

  • Start small (p. 77), but have a big dream. Waiting for perfect is an excuse to never start. Go ahead and start now (and get better as you grow). Kadavy pointed out that Evil Knievels’ big dream was go jump over the Grand Canyon. He never did it, but he did jump a lot of big things.
  • Fill up Little pockets of time (p. 84) are a great time to start on a project. Use time wisely. A person with a novel could even write during the small period of time while waiting in a lobby at for an appointment. Those small minutes add up.
  • Permission to suck (p. 96). One problem with perfectionism is that it stops a person from starting. A person can’t get better if she never starts and practices and keeps at it.
  • Crack the whip: Produce something. Create something. Finish it.
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Kadavy, D. (2018) The heart to start: win the inner wars and let our art shine. Kadvay Inc.