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M writes:

I have a question for you regarding your online course development for sale.

Can you give me a little background info on how your went about doing it and any sort of legal procedures you needed to follow to create your courses and have them copyright?

I am starting a blog all about [private topic]  and am very interested in creating a few courses for sale.

Anything you could help me with would be amazing.

Thank you,


Danny’s response –

Howdy there M —

Anything you write is already legally copyrighted, even if it is on the back of a napkin. Of course, some things can’t be legally copyrighted, like the title of a book.

You can pay to have a document copyrighted. There is also the “poor person’s copyright.” Send a copy of your original document to yourself in the mail and don’t open it. The document will have a U.S. Postal Service mark indicating the time you mailed it to yourself. You’ll be able to use that document (and date) if anyone takes your content so you can prove you created it first.

How to create a course: there are so many styles:

You could create a

  • document (a .pdf file) sometimes referred to as a white document or an ebook.
  • video training.
  • live trainings and record them.
  • One-on-one coaching.

You could offer people to hire you for live presentations.


There are many ways you can teach content. There are learning platforms like udemy where you can teach your courses too.


You can teach at my site, RecTherapyCEUs – I’d love to have you share.


About your blog – way to go. Keep that up. Let me know more about it and I’ll share about it at rec therapy today. That is a great platform.


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How to create a self-study CEU course for RecTherapyCEUs