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What I did:

I took my mother, nephew Gage, and niece Zoe to see the Christopher Robin movie last weekend. (the video trailer for this movie is featured at the bottom of this blog. It is the Winnie-the-Pooh movie.

My feelings:

I had mix feelings about going to this movie. I felt worried that I wouldn’t be interested in the movie because I assumed it was made for children. I also felt happy that I had the opportunity to take my family to see it.

My thoughts about the movie:

I think there was too much adults (adulating) and not enough of Pooh and Friends playing for children’s entertainment in this movie.

However, I do believe this movie had a great moral for those adults who watch this movie.

Rec Therapy and this movie: 

Rec therapists provide services for people of all ages.

This movie primarily took place during Christopher Robin’s early adulthood.

He is married. They have a daughter.

Spoiler alert: he has a problem. Life is stressful for him as an adult. He works for a luggage company. Christopher is required to fire “let go” of co-workers. This will put the company back in the black and profitable. I won’t disclose how this problem is solved. You’ll have to view the movie to see how the problem is resolved.

And the Moral of the Story is strongly based on elements that are important in leisure, recreation, play, and life. 

I’ll share what I believe the moral of the story was.

  • Time goes by fast. It never stops.
  • Time keeps ticking.
  • Time is gone before you know it.
  • Childhood is gone in a blink of an eye.
  • Be mindful and enjoy the moment (right here – right now).
  • Make time for what is really important in life. It might be a much needed vacation or time away.
  • Play. Spend time with people are important (like family and friends).

Four Questions to think about:

  • What is really important and meaningful to you in life?
  • How do you spend most of your time?
  • Are you spending the most time doing what is really important to you?
  • What could you do differently?

For me — my answers:

  • I work as a rec therapist. I spend most of my awake hours at work. I feel happy and pleased with what I do with my time.
  • For values – my family is important to me. I make time for them because they are important. I take them to movies or to bookstores.

The Video Preview: