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I presented a free webinar training on emotional intelligence tonight.

A total of 193 people registered for the training and 93 people attended the live training.

I wanted to share the statistics for transparency reasons.

This session was 68 minutes long. It meet the 60 minutes for one hour of continuing education.

People were attentive and interested in the course subject:

  • Attentiveness was 92.07%
  • Interest was 94.43%

Here were the first 36 reviews from people who attended:

·         It was a great presentation full of information. I will continue to use Emotional Intelligence with the adolescents I work with on a daily basis.
·         I enjoyed that you first taught on the definition of what emotional intelligence is and then gave us examples of how to help kids work on their emotional intelligence.
·         very informative, going to do emotion charades and gratitude list with my patients
·         learning how to utilize it in groups
·         Learned things that are not only valuable to patients I serve, but also can use in everyday life.
·         I plan to re-watch to make sure I got it all. A lot of good information
·         The difference between emotional and wisdom based intelligence
·         I’ve never been a good joke teller. Your suggestion to learn some kid jokes for humor to diffuse a heightened situation was a good idea.
·         Actual interventions provided
·         Very easy to access. Great information. Funny!
·         The information that would surely help with consistent daily competency.
·         Really good. Thank you
·         The different parts on the brain
·         Very informative. Looking forward to completing the 5 hour course too! Just got the book and already started reading.
·         try the confident posture
·         I learned the true definition of emotional intelligence and I plan to use the additional resources to apply this to my special needs summer camp.
·         Benefits of Emotional Intelligence
·         Interesting
·         I learned new ways to create emotional intelligence groups and more effectively talk about emotions in a group setting.
·         I liked learning about different strategies. I will be using the gratitude list with my clients.
·         How to be aware of your emotions and assist our population. Thank you for a great session, I will be joining other sessions in the future.
·         Make more time throughout my practice to include music and “squeezing lemons”
·         Good job with frontloading and also the implementation suggestions.
·         I loved the personal stories to help explain emotional intelligence so it’s something to grasp more fully and can remember.
·         I liked the interaction between you and the audience by asking questions in the question box. How to teach emotional regulation skills
·         how to incorporate EQ in Rec Groups
·         It was helpful to hear you speak about the resources you used in order to prepare for this lecture; books, etc.

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