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ATRA Academy Announcement

The ATRA Academy provides two different ways for individuals to remotely access continuing education opportunities, webinar replays and/or Zoominars.

The ATRA Academy has over 50 different webinar replays available for purchase that can be located at the following links: (webinars) https://www.atra-online.com/page/WebinarPG1

; (Zoominars) https://www.atra-online.com/page/Zoominars

All webinar replays are individually priced at $40.00 for ATRA members and $75.00 for non ATRA members. This means ATRA members can save $35!

All Zoominars are free of cost to watch however, the cost to access the CEU quiz is $25.00 for ATRA members and $50.00 for non ATRA members.

In order to obtain CEUs, individuals must take a quiz after the webinar and/or Zoominar and earn a score of 70% or higher. Each quiz is worth .1 CEUs.

The ATRA Academy is also accepting proposals for new Zoominars. If you are interested in presenting your own Zoominar please contact Michelle Bateman (Miller) at michellebateman1207@gmail.com.