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canstockphoto11712941 (1)Howdy there —

I’m  Danny Pettry.  I’m a Continuing Education Consultant for Recreational Therapists and allied professionals.

I presented an online training titled: CEU Secrets for Recreational Therapists on Wed. Feb. 21st, 2018.

I wanted to provide transparency for my recent webinar training by providing you with the following insights:

  1. Four hundred and thirty (430) people registered!
  2. One hundred and nine (109) attended the live training. Many of those who registered got access to the replay.
  3. Courses in my program meet standards to get pre-approval. This webinar was worth one clock hour of continuing education. As you can see the main session lasted 60 minutes. I stayed late and provided a question and answer section after the 60 minutes, so the total webinar was 85 minutes.
  4. The average attentiveness for attendees was 90.39%
  5. The average interest rating was at 92.55%


Here are the comments about Danny Pettry’s webinar:

·         Convenience, all of the ways to earn CEUs, etc.
·         I enjoyed that it was interactive and not just a lecture style webinar.
·         I liked the information that was provided. I also liked how convenient it was for me. Working a full time job and being a full time mom, it’s sometimes hard to get out and go to conferences, but this gave me some flexibility.
·         It was easy.
·         Just got some new thoughts about how to get CEUs other than conferences
·         The opportunity to learn about additional CEUs that are out there.
·         Very informative!
·         I got the important information how to safe money on CEU.
·         Knowing there are other cost effective options than attending conferences.
·         That it was only an hour
·         He answers questions being asked!
·         Learning how to save money by taking online CEU courses
·         The material was presented in a great way that was easy to understand and insightful.
·         How to complete CEUs online because I live up North which rarely (if any) offers any face to face workshops. If I wish to attend any workshops or courses I need to travel so it is beneficial to be aware of what is available online.
·         Organization.
·         Very to the point and well organized
·         I loved that I could do it from my office at work and that it helps to learn alternative ways to earn CEU’s. Like you mentioned, my agency does not pay for me to attend conferences and I use vacation hours so being able to do it online from work and home is very helpful!
·         Personal experiences
Provided slides to go along
Spoke highly of our profession and included resources that will help me down the line
·         It was informative, interactive, and not drawn out.
·         Flowed well…kept my attention.
·         I enjoyed that it was interactive and you made sure to answer everyone’s questions.
·         affordable CEUs
·         Always learn valuable new information
·         Danny was very honest.
·         Information regarding NCTRC CEU regulations
·         Danny gave specific links and resources to CEU’s
·         I enjoyed learning about how the CEUs online can give RTs more time to be with family, friends, and our favorite hobbies.
·         Topic interesting
·         Every objective that was presented
·         Very precise and easy to follow.
The time frame was conducive to my hectic schedule as FT IRF therapist and FT contract therapist.
·         It was very informative. I didn’t realize that there were so many other opportunities to earn CEUs, that don’t involve traveling to an expensive conference.
·         That there is an opportunity to get ceus without having to go to conferences.
·         The jokes were a nice touch
·         Speaker was engaging, professional yet casual.
·         Danny was very friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. I loved that he was ok with answering various questions, even repeatedly.
·         Lots of great information that I wasn’t aware of. Also, my passion is mental health so I like how Danny talked about his experience in mental health and his background.
·         The alternative ways to obtain CEU’s
·         A lot of helpful resources
·         It was nice to hear that it is possible to earn CEUs at home during my free time.  Danny sounded very nice and new a lot about Rec therapy CEUs.
·         The opportunity for on-line courses.
·         Learning about what courses you have available
·         Speaker presented as sincere, approachable and practical.
·         I enjoyed it all
·         Very clear and helpful
·         I enjoyed the jokes that were said and the knowledge that I obtained about CEUs.
·         Opportunity for free CEU in the comfort of my home.
·         Good and practical information.
·         I enjoyed how laid back Danny made it feel. I felt comfortable and at ease, when I normally get anxiety about these sorts of things.
·         I enjoyed all that I learned!
·         I like that he took the time to explain CEUs and how to go about completing them all; I also like that he didn’t sugar coat it and said that online CEUs are good but you need to still venture to a conference for the experience.  It was helpful to hear how CEUs breakdown and the requirements needed as well.
·         Lots of good info
·         It was not boring and he kept it light and interesting.
·         How to obtain CEU’s.  My employer will not pay for any travel.
·         All aspects was excellent
·         That I could do it from the comfort of my home!!!
·         You were very informative.
·         Answered in previous screen.
·         I liked your passion for the profession.
·         I was actually able to see the slides on my phone using the “join a webinar” app. He is upbeat and presents as confident when speaking.
·         The information presented was informative and I learned more about getting CEU’s online.
·         Learning where to get CEU’s and the NCTRC requirements about them without having to look them up.
·         Learning about the many ways to earn CEUs.
·         The resources offered. And the compare and contrast between going to conference and the costs.
·         It clarified NCTRC requirements and made it easy to find resources
·         Time at the end and learning about your website showing the topics you offer online
·         It was a straightforward presentation which made it easy to follow!
·         It was informative
·         Current competency maintenance issues.
·         His enthusiasm.
·         Information provided
·         How funny you are! You made the webinar very interesting
·         good explanations, visuals, and examples
·         A lot of detailed information on how to maintain certification through CEUs . The package deal for hours is really great too, especially if money and time is an issues to attend a conference. Questions were answered quickly and effectively.
·         I enjoyed that it was interactive and it held my interest. Lots of good info for alternatives to conferences.
·         I enjoyed that it was engaging.
·         I enjoyed the Q and A at the end.
·         Learning about receiving CEU online
·         Very detailed
·         Danny was very helpful with all questions
·         That he made the information clear and easy to understand
·         Hearing about the bundles Danny Pettry offers.
·         Very informative
·         easy to attend
·         Reminders as to how beneficial,efficient, & cost efficient webinars can be versus national & state conferences!
·         quick
·         I enjoyed that he kept it interesting and had jokes in the powerpoint as well.
·         How easy it was to complete in the comfort of my couch!
·         Yes
·         The insight on CEU’s and how to easily attain them
·         It was quick and to the point.
·         Thanks.
·         Always great information!
·         I enjoyed the humor throughout to break up the material.

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