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Buying cheap is about saving money in the short run.

Investing in quality is about saving money in the long run.


Here is an example:

I loved skateboarding during my teenager years. I skated every day.

There are “cheap” skateboards in the world. There are also quality skateboards that cost more.


Cheap boards can save you a lot of money in the short-term. They cost a quarter or less of the price of the real deal. The short-term thinker questions: why pay $100 for a board when you can get a cheap board for only $25 (or less). I could save $75 right now! That’s a smart deal. 


Cheap boards cost a person more in the long run because cheap boards break easily. A skater can’t skate a broken board.  What if the skater gets injured from trying to do a big trick that a cheap board is not capable of handling. Now the expenses add up. Injury costs can be expensive. Let’s pretend the board breaks and there is no injury (to the human).  There is still a big problem: There is  a skater who out of a board (which is not good) for a skater. She can pay for another cheap board (basically paid twice). That includes $25 for the first board and then $25 for the second board. She could invest in a real quality board at the expensive price about $100 (which is still money spent on top of the money ($25) she’s already spent for cheap-o-board). She could easily have 5 cheap boards in a row (now $125) when one quality board would have only be…. $100. The higher quality board is the safer choice for the long run.

 Cheap boards also have a social stigma. Seriously, you’re skating that? Serious skaters skate the real deal skateboards.  

Quality boards cost more in the short-term, but they save you money in the long run. The quality board is going to outlast the cheap board.  A skater won’t have to continue to pay out money to replace a cheap board because they invested in a quality board.  In fact, I’d rather skate a half-used (real-quality board) over a new cheap board any day. The real quality board is just more capable. I could re-sell a used quality board to get money. However, it would be very difficult to sell a used cheap board.


Continuing education is the same:

Thoughts About a Cheaper CEU Program. 

A recreation therapist could save a lot of money in the short-term by choosing the cheapest CEUs.

Hundreds of online programs have popped up over the last decade offering cheap CEUs.

Here is an important question to ask: Are you going to get the best quality by choosing the cheapest program available?

A person who is buying “cheap,” may just want to buy “CEUs,” and not education and knowledge. That might save a person money in the short-term, but may not help in the long-term.

This comment is cliche’ — if you think hiring an expert is expensive then try hiring an armature. 


Danny Pettry’s Rec Therapy CEUs 

Quality Continuing Education

Danny Pettry’s program boasts a quality that our direct competitor in the world of self-study CEUs doesn’t offer. Our courses require a person to read books. 

Danny Pettry: I read a lot of books. Not any book is accepted or approved for my CEU program. Of course, as a disclaimer: I’m not the leading authority on the book-reading courses that I select. 

I read and evaluate books based on my own background and training. I have a Master of Science in Recreational Therapy and a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling.

I stick to my area of expertise, (Behavioral Health/ Mental Health). I have 15+years working as a practitioner at a psychiatric setting.

I select books that are of appropriate quality based on my own training and experience.

I don’t feel that I would the best person to select books for courses in the (Physical Health and Rehabilitation domain) because I don’t have 15-years of experience in that domain. I don’t have advanced graduate degrees in physical rehab or advanced graduate school internships in physical rehab.

My favorite motivational speaker, the late Jim Rohn often said, “the book you don’t read, won’t help.”  

People who read fiction and novels often argue, ‘the book was better than the movie.”

We have a 100% satisfaction with a full 360-day money back guarantee. 

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