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myactivityMy Activity Resources has been designed for activity directors who may struggle with many different tasks on their plate. I wanted to create pre-made calendars that have fresh ideas that may not be often seen in long term care facilities with room to let you make it your own by making calendars editable.  The calendars come fully made, along with a guidebook which has trivia for each month and print outs for every day of the month that correlate with the calendar.

What Can You Expect From My Activity Resource’s Calendars??

I wanted to create interesting educational programs that pique the interest of the long-term care population and allow residents to give back to their community.

Having your seniors take part in food drives, making holiday cards for our service men and women and fundraising for local charities are all so important to letting our seniors know how important they are in their community.

After retirement, some people tend to feel restless and look for purpose. By creating these activities, we are filling such a dire need in our seniors still seeking purpose.

When creating calendars, I try to take into account varying personalities and interests. Calendars should include art, art history, music appreciation programs, cultural programs that everyone can attend. Culinary programs and more. No two people have all of the same interests. That is why it is crucial to cover so many different areas.

  My biggest goal while creating a calendar is to imagine not that I am making a calendar for seniors, but that I am making a “social calendar” of activities I would want to participate in if I was on a vacation at a resort. I try to sway from generic stereotypes of what elderly people like. Intrigue is the key to a successful calendar.

How Much Do Calendars and Guidebooks Cost?

The monthly calendar and guidebook cost only $10.00. The cost of one lunch for a months worth of work and planning!

Not only does My Activity Resources offer pre-made calendars but we also have various trivia booklets, seasonal activity print outs, free blogs with activity ideas and research articles.  Other special items we sell are:

The Daily Scoop- Each month we have The Daily Scoop. It is a print out that is great for passing out to your residents each morning. They have history of what happened on each date, fun facts and more.

Monthly Newsletters- Our Newsletters are great templates with easy to follow instructions for adding your facilities own touch to each article. They are seasonally designed and have some pre-made articles as well!

Myactivityresources.com isn’t only an online outlet, in the Tri-state area morale workshops are offered for departments struggling to thrive. For any questions or information, don’t hesitate to ask Krista Fischer, the creator of the site at Krista@myactivityresources.com