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Introducing Our NEW Website and Logo @ RecTherapyCEUs.com

Your # 1 Self-Study CEU Provider, DannyPettry.com: Rec Therapy CEUs is transferring
courses to a new site, RecTherapyCEUs.com to provide you with better services.
Why the new site? It is to serve you in more ways.

  • You’ll have better access to all of your certificates of completion with the
    Wordpress Learning Management System Platform. The older system,
    QuestionWriter only allowed a onetime opportunity to save or print your
    certificate of completion. Of course, people, like you, can always email Danny
    Pettry to get a certificate of completion if they didn’t save it or print it. However,
    this new platform will give you quicker access so you won’t have to wait for an


  • You’ll be able to recall RecTherapyCEUs a lot easier. It’s a catchy url.
    What if you like the old site? You’re okay. It is still going to be up and running too!
    Rec Therapy CEUs™ has been used by Danny Pettry since his online continuing
    education site opened in 2007. The term has been associated with Pettry’s site and
    services. Danny Pettry’s first facebook post on February 17, 2009 featured
    DannyPettry.com: Rec Therapy CEUs! Of course, Danny Pettry moved to facebook in
    2009 as Myspace and Danny Pettry’s Myspace for Recreation Therapist faded into
    oblivion. Who knows? Maybe someday our fb page will go the way of myspace too.