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A Message from Guest Blogger, Melanie Galioto

Hi Friend!
Do you know how stressed you are on any given day? It can be tricky because stress slowly builds and we almost take the pressure we’re under for granted. It’s easy to miss the signs that your body and mind are starting to suffer.
For me, I tend to feel a lot of stress mid-afternoon and into the evening on Saturday’sbecause I know that Greyson’s dad is coming to see him Sunday morning. I practice affirmations – I acknowledge and honor these feelings, I am safe. I do long, slow, deep breathing when I feel anxious. I make sure to go to a yoga class on Sunday (totally helps!) and I diffuse Melaleuca which is perfect for establishing and maintaining boundries.
In today’s blog post I’m sharing the signs to look out for that let you know you’re about to be in big trouble. Don’t miss it and more importantly, don’t ignore them. 
Don’t forget to stop by the Facebook group to chat. I’d love hear what you think about this challenge so far. What’s been helpful, what hasn’t, and what questions do you have about reducing stress?
Namaste my friend,
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P.P.S. What is your favorite go-to way to reduce stress?
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