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There is a blind football player playing for University of Southern California.

I felt confident that recreation therapists would love to know about this fellow because we, recreation therapists, use recreation as a specific treatment to bring about outcomes for people with various needs.

Who is this guy? His name is Jake Olson. He had lost his eyesight at age 12.

He made the snap that resulted in a score of extra point in a game over Western Michigan!

I personally feel inspired by this guy.

Jake appears to be living at his fullest potential in life.

Based on personal experiences, I’ve heard a lot of people uses excuses and blame and I can’t statements. They always have an excuse for why they can’t succeed and make progress.

I believe Jake Olson can be used as a role model to encourage “I can” thinking.

My friend and mentor Scott Livinggood posted on fb, “yesterday a blind kid started in college football game. What’s your excuse for not starting?”

What is your excuse for not starting something great? Write down your excuse. Acknowledge it and then identify solutions to your problem and your excuse. Ask for help (publically). Just like in field of dreams: If you build it, they will come. If you ask, people will answer.

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