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It’s easy to love yourself, when you feel good enough, when you feel special enough, when you’re loved enough, when you have enough money, and you’re appreciated.

Debbie Ford



Do you want to be a distinguished professional? Do you want people to respect you and recreation therapy? Do you want to be a professional recreation therapist that is set apart from the average recreation therapist?


Have you ever heard recreation therapists complain that they are not acknowledged and recognized? I’ve seen these complaints in online group discussions. One recreation therapist said she is the “babysitter” for the patients. Another recreation therapist said she is “break-relief staff,” so the real professionals can take a break when she comes to provide her services. Another recreation therapist said that all he does it take patients to the cafeteria for lunch.


It isn’t your fault if you’re not recognized by “the others” for your efforts. Radical acceptance: you’re not able to change anyone else’s thoughts and opinions of you and the overall recreation therapy profession. You can’t make them love you or admire you or appreciate you.


However, there are techniques that can increase respect and recognition.


I was once young and dumb before I became older and wiser. I truly thought I knew it all when I was a teenager and then again as a young adult with my undergraduate degree. I have a greater span of knowledge and life experiences compared to my teenage years. And now (as I’m approaching 40), I recognize that I still have so much more to learn and grow.


It is a little difficult for a new greenhorn to be distinguished because it takes time for a small acorn to grown into a giant oak tree. There is a funny sign at Stewart’s Original Hotdogs here in Huntington, West Virginia that says, “You’ll be amazed at our smart staff. We only hire teenagers while they still know it all.” Of course, there is fun humor in the sign. The truth is that there isn’t any human being who knows everything.


There are ways a recreation therapist (at any age) can start becoming distinguished.

  • Gain more knowledge and experience.
  • Provide services that bring about greater outcomes.
  • Have a wall full of credentials: licenses, certifications, and specializations.


Be patient. Enjoy the process (and the journey) of life and learning. You’ll eventually get to the destination you’re searching for if you’re determined and persistent.

Do you want to become a distinguished professional?

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