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Do you want to be happier?
Does your work (as a recreation therapist) require you to help people (like patients/ clients) to feel to feel happier?
Do you want to know the secrets to happiness?
Check this out…
Modern scientists have studied happiness (since the 90s).
They’re called – “positive psychologists.”
Positive Psychology is one of the most popular courses at Harvard.
Thousands of students attend the course weekly.
This branch of psychology is exploding and will continue to do so.
I feel that those of us in rec therapy are applied positive psychologists.
I think it is vital that recreational therapists have some basic knowledge of the principles related to positive psychology.
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Did you know… 
There are many experiences and activities that increase Dopamine in the body.
This is a neurotransmitter associated with feeling good.
I regret to say that dopamine starts to decrease in people during their teenage years.
If it decreases too much and too fast a person will have Parkison’s Disease.
However, in general, there are some natural activities that can help increase happiness!
The “activities” or path to happiness is different for different people.
Here are some:
  • Physical activity: especially unique activities like surfing
  • Strong connections, including quality time with family and/ or friends
  • Strong social support network
  • Loving-kindness – doing good and helping others
  • A sense of gratitude and appreciate for things in life
  • Play and having fun in life (at any age)
  • Participating in meaningful activities (which could be the work one does) or community service
  • Having new experiences
Doesn’t all of that sound like a Recreation Therapy interventions to help a person who is suffering?
I think so!
Wouldn’t it be nice to show support and evidence that the “activities” you’re providing for patients are interventions with evidenced-based research that demonstrates they bring about outcomes associated with improving healthier living styles, better physical health and wellness, as well as improved mood and affect?
I think so too!
My embarrassing and painful disclosure:
I’ve suffered from generalized anxiety and depression since I was a child. Except, as a child, I didn’t have the worlds to explain my emotions. Of course, as a disclaimer: I’ve seen a psychiatrist for medication and have spoken to a counselor during my college years.
Today, I’m very happy to have discovered the power of positive psychology (which are applied recreation therapy interventions). I not only use this stuff in my own life, I also teach it to the children and teens who I provide services for. Okay – you can laugh aloud that that because it sounded like hair club for men where the guy says I’m not only the president, but I’m a client member too. or something like that.
But the truth is:
The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) reports that anxiety is the most common mental health issue in Americans.
Next question: Do you want to learn more about positive psychology?
I hope so.
Go here to register for the advanced certificate course in positive psychology that I’ve created for you:
Good news: I have created an advanced certificate course on the topic!
Who this course is for:
 People who are seeking three advanced specialty certificates in behavioral health to count towards their behavioral health certification (to recognize expert knowledge beyond the CTRS credential)
 People who are seeking to learn the secrets of happiness and how it can be applied to helping others (as well as yourself)
 People who want to be on the inside of knowledge.
Who this course is NOT for:
  • People who are so happy and satisfied with their life that they don’t need improvement.
  • People who hold a Master’s degree have another option/ path to gain advanced specialty certification without the need for three advanced certificate courses.
Go here to register for the advanced certificate course in positive psychology that I’ve created for you:
Here is an overview of the course:
  • The course is worth ten clock hours of continuing education.
  • Session content is CE Pre-approved by NCTRC, so you know they count.
  • Requirements include:
    • Read an interesting text book
    • Write at least three comments about the book in our member’s group
    • Watch a one hour webinar on the topic
    • Pass a written test with a score of 80% or better. You’re guaranteed to pass or you can retake the quiz for free (as many times as you want or need).
  • Bonus # 1: I mail you the required book!
  • Bonus # 2: You’ll get access to network with other students in our exclusive facebook group.
  • Bonus # 3: Discount: The Standard Price for my Advanced Certification Courses is $647. These courses have a special discount ($200) off most of the time, so they’re only $447
Go here to register for the advanced certificate course in positive psychology that I’ve created for you:
 Guarantee # 1: Session content is CE Pre-approved by NCTR
 Guarantee # 2: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – You have a complete 365 (one full year) to claim a refund on this course if you’re not happy for any reason.
 Guarantee # 3: You’ll pass the course quiz or you can re-take it again as many times as you want or need.
Go here to register for the advanced certificate course in positive psychology that I’ve created for you:

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