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canstockphoto21868200The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt




Do you enjoy helping other people?

Are you still passionate about your profession, recreation therapy?

Do you dream of advancing your professional abilities and responsibilities?

Do you hope to do more with your limited time that you’re here on Earth?


Dreams and passions for success in your career (and life) are wonderful. However, they’re just wishes and dreams if you don’t take action. Maybe you’ve heard of the slogan, “First a Dream, then an Act, and then the Dream becomes a Fact.”


You might want to check this out about making dreams come true:


Writing down your goals increases the likelihood that you’ll achieve them. Real successful people write their goals. Do you have written goals?

  • Gail Matthews is a professor in psychology at Dominica University (California). His research shows that people who write down their goals are 42% more likely to achieve them.
  • Success guru, Jack Canfield, studied successful people over his lifetime and put together a book of his research, titled, The Success Principles. One of the core skills he discovered was that successful people have written goals. Canfield teaches students to create a list of 100 life goals.


Have you ever felt like an average Recreation Therapist? The good news is the majority of us are average (in the middle of the bell curve).  There are only a few outliers who are the rare, above-average recreation therapists. It isn’t your fault if you’re not a top achiever in the profession. I validate that you’re doing the best you can already with the knowledge and skills you already have. I’d argue that you’re probably a person who is already just a bit over the tip of average. And yet, do you have dreams and passions to do more than what you’ve accomplished already?


Some people feel humiliated by being mediocre or average. I can slightly relate. I graduated in the middle part of my high school class (about 148 out of 307 students). People like me are important because we made the people at the top part of the class possible. You can feel free to laugh at the comment.


On a real note: I wasn’t the smartest kid in our class. I couldn’t get fully admitted to college with my scores. My test scores were so low that I had to take a semester (12 credit hours) worth of remedial classes like English 099, English 100, Math 99, and Math 100 as prerequisites to prove I could handle college. Those 12 hours didn’t even count towards my undergraduate degree.


Do you want to know my secret? I had dreams and passions for becoming a Recreation Therapist with the Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) credential. I created a motivational “Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist” flyer that I kept on a small board in my college dorm by my computer. I imagined it as if it were already real. It was the fuel that kept me going. I completed my undergraduate degree in four years (despite getting a slow start) because I had dreams and passions with a specific pan. I took summer classes all four years too.


Give goal-writing a chance.

Write down some goals in your personal journal or notebook.

Post them as a screensaver on your computer.

Here is an example:

  • Sample Dream: Become an advanced practitioner.
    • Sample Goal: I will enroll in at least one advanced specialty certificate course and complete it before midnight on the last day of this month.

Do you want to continue to follow your dreams and passions?

Do you want to become the best recreation therapist you can be?

Solution: take an advanced specialty course.


About my NORTH Advanced Behavioral Health Certificate Courses


  • Each course is wroth ten clock hours of continuing education.
  • Session content is CE Pre-approved by NCTRC, so you know they count.
  • Requirements include:
    • Read an interesting text book
    • Write at least three comments about the book in our member’s group
    • Watch a one hour webinar on the topic
    • Pass a written test with a score of 80% or better. You’re guaranteed to pass or you can retake the quiz for free (as many times as you want or need).
  • As a bonus I mail you the required book!
  • You’ll get access to network with other students in our exclusive facebook group.
  • The Standard Price for my Advanced Certification Courses is $647.
  • These courses have a special discount ($200) off most of the time, so they’re only $447

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