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canstockphoto38501191 (1)Have you ever had a product or service that you loved to be taken off the menu, discontinued, or simply closed?

Of course you have.

Here are some things that I miss: 

  • Chick-fil-A’s coleslaw (wow – do I miss that)
  • Maple Skateboards company (that was my favorite brands as a teen).
  • Myspace.com (when it was really cool. I lost about 1,000 blog entries about rec therapy)
  • when Clearly Canadian went out of business, but they are back open now.
  • when my favorite motivational speaker, the late Jim Rohn passed away.
  • When David Bowie (musician who I loved) passed away.
  • And the list could go on and on.


Here is my big question:

What would the world be like if my little program, DannyPettry.com: Rec Therapy CEUs ceased to exist?

There would definitely be a gap in the world.


My Current Plan of Operation:

Currently, I have my online CEU program to go to my brother (computer technology) and sister (medical assistant) if anything were to suddenly happen to me.

Why that plan isn’t the best:

OF course, my siblings are good, wonderful people. However, neither of them have the passion for recreation therapy like I do. I’m afraid they wouldn’t maintain the program.

My Feelings:

I feel the program deserves better legacy and a better plan.

My New Search:

I’m seeking to find an investor who’d take ownership of my online CEUs program (if I were to suddenly die) or when I retire.


I’m about 40-years-old. I plan to keep working my business for the next twenty-five years because I’m so passionate about doing it.


I’m currently starting the search to find an individual who would be interested in taking over in case of an emergency or when I retire.

The potential person should:

  • Be a recreation therapist (CTRS)
  • Have a graduate degree or working towards one in rec therapy or a related field
  • Experience running a business
  • Experience with continuing education.

Legally – I couldn’t post that I’m seeking a younger person. however, I’d imagine the individual could be younger than I am.

Are you interested?

Email me if you’re interested in being written into our continuity plan of operations.

Have you ever had a product or service that you loved to be taken off the menu, discontinued, or simply closed?


What else is in it for you:

I’d write in several of my trademarks and domain names, like:

  • Rec Therapy CEUs: www.RecTherapyCEUs.com
  • Teach Leisure: www.TeachLeisure.com
  • Rec Therapy Today: www.RecTherapyToday.com