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I always enjoy seeing videos of Dr. David Austin (my professor from graduate school) at Indiana University.

Below is a brief video of Dr. David Austin talking about his new book, “Management Functions in Recreational Therapy.” He has co-written it with two really wonderful people.

I [Danny Pettry] am attending a training on management of recreational therapy departments at the 2016 ATRA conf. in Chicago on Sun. 9/10/16. I imagine they’ll discuss this book!

I had taken a general management course at Concord University in Athens, West Virginia one summer that counted towards my degree in therapeutic recreation at Marshall University. I really enjoyed that course. It focused on several key concepts that Dr. Austin discusses in his video. however, that course didn’t focus on the specific management of recreational therapy or about healthcare.

I like that it is in paperback! I’m getting a copy soon!

Here is Dr. Austin’s video:

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