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It is effective for any type of schedule. You can do them
at any time of the day and only when you are ready. You
don’t have to worry about trying to take time off of work
or finding someone to watch your kids because you can
do it from the comfort of your own home.
– Kayla R.

He most definitely cares about the profession!
– Stacy P.

Interesting and Useful way to learn at home while
meeting professional CEU requirements for CTRS and
CPRP certifications.
– Arnie I.

The service is easy to use, convenient and is a quality
– Heather M.

Ease of navigation!
– Amanda L.

They are very helpful and friendly user.
– Kathleen

– Brittney

I haven’t used it yet. Again, I like being on the email list
to learn about upcoming educational opportunities.
Companies are tightening the budgets thus not allowing
conferences that you must travel to so a webinar is great!
– Anne P.

He really seems to care about promoting TR
– Rebecca S.

He is very caretaking and a good advocate. He truly has a
good heart for recreation therapy and the therapists in
making sure he can provide CEUs in a convenient way.
– Heather S.

I was able to complete my CEU’s conveniently at home
and in my own time.
– Trish E.

I have learned from the Webinars I have attended
– Sue D.

It has not only provided educational opportunities but
has bonded some of the Therapist in our
office and we do the online trainings together
– Morgan T.

The availability and ease of acquiring CEUs through
DannyPettry.com is great.
– Anessa S.

Dannypettry.com is the only online continuing education
program that offers a wide variety of topics that appeal to
the interests of many different professionals. In
addition, this resource provides incentives for those of us
who take several courses and are regular customers by
offering great deals and by adding new courses on a
regular basis.
– Kimberly S.

The information I obtained through a course on the site
has enabled me to host an in-service with my staff on
how to advocate for rec therapy. Informational & very
much appreciated!
– Kellie C.

Easy to get CEUs when a budget doesn’t allow for big
– Bethany A.

Great topics of CEUs at a great price!
Very informative.
– Amy G.

DannyPettry.com is an invaluable resource for
education, communication, promotion, and advocacy in
the field of Recreation Therapy.
– Evelyn M.

It’s easily accessible
– Julie S.

Danny always responds to emails immediately and is
willing to help his clients in any way he can.
– Shelly B

This site is phenomenal, easy to maneuver and it helps
– Kiara W.

Danny’s CEUS are affordable, informative, and
convenient! They’re individualized to many disciplines as
well as overall “TR STUFF” we should never forget as
working professionals
– Avery M.

I enjoy being able to obtain my CEU’s on my time with
my budget. Even from home in my sweats!
– Karla B.

He ensures that you get the most out of his courses by
giving you unlimited retakes of the final quiz. He bends
over backwards to make sure his customers understand
the material and pass no matter what.
– Stacy S.

I was able to receive all my CEUS information in a
convenient email. I have a year to complete and
numerous attempts at taking the quizzes. This was great
and took pressure off of cramming and give me time to
actually read and absorb the material
– Janshayla S.

He truly does care about what you need and wants to
– Kathryn W.

It appears convenient, easy to use, good reputation and
many topics to pick from.
– Lisa P.

Offers free CEU opportunities
– Kara P.

It has helped as a rec therapist student.
– Nicole

I thoroughly enjoyed the last CEU opportunity you so
graciously offered about Advocating for the field of
Therapeutic Recreation. Gave me great ideas to proceed
with my advocating.
– Heather S.

Convenient and interesting
– Amy S.

The website is user friendly and responsive to questions
– Missi W.

great course for affordable cost, great information
– Allison B.

Danny Pettry is very helpful and knowledgeable resource
that is always trustworthy and puts the customer first.
– Brittany K.

Great website that is always exciting to explore
– Rachel K.

A very helpful website for those who need CEUs
– Courtney D.

It is avery convenient way to complete CEU’s, and pretty
awesome how everyone recommends you!
– Christine G.

It’s great! It is very convenient when you work full time
– Jamie L.

I recently received my certification and have not
purchased a webinar or class as of yet but I appreciate
what Mr. Pettry is doing for his fellow Recreation
– Veronica A.

He is fast and efficient regarding any issue revolving
around his services.
– Sally J.

– Rebecca L.

Great response time with emails,
– Monica

He’s always willing to help and provides a wealth of
knowledge to all,
– Karlee P.

Ease, informative
– Liz H.

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