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Thirty-six (36) people have already completed an evaluation.

I’d like to put the positive comments on a fancy info-graphic chart.

I’m not sure how to do that – so here are the comments about what people liked about this training:

So quick and easy
Jokes, interactions, ideas how to use at your job, referencing books etc
Love being refreshed on these topics
I liked the interactive questions
I enjoyed the interactive aspect of the session with the individuals tuning in and how their responses were read out loud for the group. Thank you for the research and the wonderful information that you gathered!
I am always glad to learn regarding psych. I have been in the field for many years.
I enjoyed learning about different strategies on implementing positive psychology
How he related the concept to Therapeutic Recreation so easily.
i liked being interactive. I enjoy the pillars that were talked about I may turn that into a group somehow!
I enjoyed the cartoons with the slides.. they were pretty funny
The concept of positive psychology
gave some great ideas for group tasks and discussions
Nice to tie in EBP for the research. I like the activity suggestions
I enjoyed the whole session. I do not know much about Positive Psychology so this was very informative and gave me ideas for programming.
Very informative
I LOVE that you made the webinar interactive! Thank you, also, for providing activity ideas for applying positive psychology to RT practice–I especially liked the balance wheel idea! The hour flew by and I really enjoyed the webinar.
I loved it a lot. Good, useful, helpful information.
The humor throughout the webinar and the large amount of information.
The fun activity ideas that were presented.
How rec. Therapists can implement positive psychology with groups
I enjoyed the activity ideas as well as the subject on psychology
love the topic of positive psychology
I liked that it was positive, funny and interactive
the humor pictures
he had some great ideas I can implement in my programs at work
Ideas to use with clients
I love Psychology and love hearing about the research supporting positive psychology.
All of it!
Interesting information
I really enjoyed all the new group ideas I got from watching!!

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