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We asked participants to share what they enjoyed about my (Danny Pettry’s) training on starting a private practice in rec therapy.


Here are some of the answers that we already received:


simplifies a big idea making less intimidating to get started
your honesty
Information on setting goals.
I loved the ideas and I learned many new things (and common sense) about starting your own business.
He provided information on how to start thinking about starting a business. And heard some people who had the same ideas as I had with a need in a community
Danny is very knowledgeable!!!!! Thanks!!!
Yes it was very informative. I enjoyed it. Would you do an online workshop for the TR club of WSSU.
I enjoyed learning about the steps of starting your own practice
The examples were really nice to get your mind into the different scenarios, like the coffee example
It was nice to see I can expand the TR field into my own practice
I appreciated the tips on consulting ideas and resources for additional information.
information on the steps to start a business
Very thorough information, liked the inside stories and analogies…Zane and the pizza business. Also enjoyed the secrets of business. Very enjoyable and applicable.
Learning about how to start a private practice
I enjoyed that it was very informative and he gave many examples.
Very interesting
I think that the power point was helpful and the information on just having a starting point. It’s nice to hear ideas and strategies.
Questions at the end were helpful How to get started in general was very helpful and interesting.
It was all new information for me.
Informative in areas I had no idea where to look or begin if I wanted to. The bonus areas are nice too I like how you relate/compare the topic to real experiences and businesses
Very much, I got a lot of ideas
I enjoyed how you encouraged people to pursue their business dreams. I like how you told people to dream big!
I appreciate the fact you see the value in RT/TR across the discipline service arenas. It’s often difficult to validate community based TR to those who have only ever served in inpatient/acute settings.
Very informative, thank you. It was however, a lot of information so I’m looking forward to getting the play back so I can follow a bit better. 🙂
I really enjoyed learning the different steps and things needed to start a business such as licensing and insurance.
Very informative, and gives me some hope that I will be able to create my own job in case I am not able to find a position!
Thank you so much! This was my first introduction to you and to RT private practice ideas. It is something that has always been on my mind but I was unaware “IT” can really be a thing! This was helpful towards getting my brain rolling!
Very informative.
I liked it.
Lots of resources
Good information and tips to guide me in developing my own business.
The ideas for different private practices and the use of applying APIE, something so common in our field.
I loved how encouraging the webinar was to Rec therapist to start their own businesses. I think that this is an important step for our field to move forward and be more recognized.
All of the knowledge
The funding information that available.
It was very informational and helpful taking the first steps into private practice.
Everything was great. The information provided was very helpful and to be able to use the many avenues that we already have as CTRS’s to create a business makes things a lot easier. Thank you for your time and information.