Submitted by: Charlie Dixon, MS, CTRS, FDRT
Therapeutic Recreation Directory

  1. Smile, appear joyful.
  2. Recognize patients and staff each and every day by their name and greeting.
  3. Laugh.
  4. Listen as if each person you are talking to is the most interesting person in the world.
  5. Learn new things regularly.
  6. Get to know administration and doctors on a personal level.
  7. Write well… especially patient documentation. Make your notes invaluable to the team.

When I look to hire staff I look at personality 1st.  Motivation, joyfulness, character, creativity, and such are things that I want in staff.  Skills can be taught and learned but personality is difficult to shape.  Are there traits that you want to improve upon.  Start today… smile at the next person you see and say “hello” in a joyful way.  It’s a step towards a different inner attitude.  Come to work each day with a mindset that you are going do this – every day, even if you had a rotten day at home.


Charlie Dixon, MS, CTRS, FDRT
Therapeutic Recreation Directory