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Ptarmigan West’s “Recreation Therapy Learning Opportunities”
Barbara Bond-Howard, MA, CTRS/R
Ptarmigan West has been about  education ever since July, 1990.  We have educated thousands of students across the United States and Canada with our video/DVD series.  More recently we have been about seminars and on-line learning opportunities for continuing education for re-certification.  Specialty Certification has come to Recreation Therapists and most people say they find it difficult to get enough CEUs in the area of their specialty and therefore, do not pursue it.  We wanted to help with that and provide cost effective CEUs for our field.
Our live seminars are always small groups of 10-18 therapists where we tackle difficult topics. They are full day classes.  Current classes of topics  & locations can be found at:  http:www.PtarmiganWest.com
Our on-line classes are both lecture and self-study.  They are completed on a platform that lets you watch a video and then complete homework.  All homework assignments are web-based and we fully embrace the idea the  “E-Learning Manifesto” which says that CEUs done on-line should give the learner an opportunity to use the internet to go deeper into a topic thereby becoming more fully vested in the learning opportunity.  Just like on social media you might lose track of time by clicking and reading, your  CEU classes should help you become engrossed in what you have just been learning about.  Our aim is by the time you finish each class, you will go away with something that you can immediately use with your patients or residents.  It’s an opportunity to fall back in love with your profession.  You know, the reason you went in to this field to begin with.
I know, I’m a bit of an “education junkie” myself.  I typically have over 100 CEU hours at my certification renewal time.  I find that taking classes keeps me from burning out.  It gives me new ways to look at doing “the same thing”.  I remember a few decades ago, before the internet was a viable option, when I got my last CEU 2 weeks before my renewal.  I sweated that one out as I waited and waited for some CEU opportunity to show itself that was priced reasonably.   Times have changed.  There are many opportunities now.  My hope for you as you take classes is that it’s not just a CEU that you need for re-certification..  These opportunities  should:
  1. help you get better at your profession.
  2. create a new opportunity to do the same thing in a different way.
  3. learn something new that excites you.
  4. remind you why you wanted to become a recreation therapist
I love teaching.  I love learning.  There’s something in both of these that gives my life energy.  Life is very full:  Family, friends, work, and play.   Don’t let CEUs exist because you HAVE to have them, but rather, because you CAN have them.   You can find Ptarmigan West’s on-line classes at  www.RecreationTherapyElearning.com