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Submitted by: Brenda Torres-Wells CTRS (operator of: http://www.technohealer.com)


As a CTRS Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (Recreational Therapist), I understand that in order to deliver quality programs depends on proper client needs assessments, plan and design utilizing protocols with the steps aiming for successful outcomes.

Online resources are now easily available to learn, create and develop….Effective Meaningful Activities.

Working in this field for over 25 years has allowed me to value the importance of program  development while thinking outside the box utilizing as much informational resources including many of my professional colleagues and friend’s online resources and literature.

Making moments count for our clients should be important and motivate us in finding opportunities in delivering meaningful experiences for our client’s life journey. Be open to explore ALL that the Web has to offer in creating priceless moments for those that we serve. B.T.W.

A few online TR resource subject suggestions:

  • Therapeutic Recreation Leisure Programming
  • CEU/Education/Internship/Conference Opportunities
  • Case Studies and New Trends
  • Community resources accessible for the disabled
  • New laws and regulations
  • Employment/ Job Postings
  • Network opportunities
  • Equipment; décor, adapted devices, and materials supplies
  • Books(  hard copy & auditory), downloadable ( music & literature materials)