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readthereviewsI presented on “Motivation Secrets” last Wed., June 7th.

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1.    I enjoyed learning a bit on how to inspire the intrinsic motivation, as I think this can be very difficult to do. I especially liked the motivational interviewing.
2.    I believe itll help me with motivating my residents to increase their independence
3.    I enjoyed how you spoke about the various population that we work with at TR professionals.
4.    good information- good overview
5.    Danny’s energy in his presentation.
6.    group motivational interviewing
7.    Info about motivational interviewing!
8.    Although it covered already familiar material, it was a good “teaser” to 25 hour package. I also liked that you didn’t just read off of the PowerPoint.
9.    Very educational!!
10.  I liked hearing about the different extrinsic/ intrinsic motivations people have to do their job. It was interesting.
11.  Learning about the different ways people use motivation like the psychologist who use reinforcers on animals to play ping pong or jump
12.  Secret #3
13.  Personal comments
14.  It help me understand why some people will do the things they do.
15.  Good refresher!
16.  Motivational Interviewing.
17.  Thank you for the teleconference I appreciate you doing them!
18.  It was really good!
19.  Love that Danny is so passionate about Recreation Therapy! His presentations are engaging as a result.
20.  It was short, simple, and to the point
 21. Thank you Danny!!!!
22.  He gave examples to go along with his lessons.
23.  I enjoyed the great material to continue my education for a reasonable cost (free)
24.  It was all great!
25.  I enjoyed the easy accessibility of gaining CEU credit and the resource information provided.
26.  The ease of use and availability was exceptional!
27.  I enjoyed listening to Danny’s thoughts about motivation and the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation as well as behavior modification.
28.  Good overview of psychological practices. Feedback from other RT’s during the webinar.
 29. Danny is the best.
30.  Danny was personable and gave a lot of information.
31.  It helped me to feel motivated again! Every once in a while its great to remember why we do what we do.
33.  I’m really interested in the psychology of motivation and it was nice to review that material.
34.  Everything! It was fun, I watched it with some co-workers, it was interactive and I was able to ask them some of the game questions as well. Also, enjoyed finding out about the facebook group that I will join as well.
35.  I enjoyed learning about motivational interviewing.
36.  It was easy to listen to.
37.  very informative
38.  Enjoyed all of it! Would love to learn more on Secret #3, how to get people to take action?
39.  I enjoyed the examples of intrinsic and extrinsic motivated jobs that were discussed during the webinar.
40.  The way the information was presented
41.  I really liked the specific examples. They really illustrated the points.
42.  It was interesting to see the topics we learned in school being discussed and seeing how much I actually remembered. (intrinsic/extrinsic, Skinner, etc)
43.  It was good refresher and ways I am motivate for staff and residents
44.  The personal reference stories
45.  3rd secret
46.  The personal examples
47.  The convenience and being able to do it during work hours.
48.  the part on motivational interviewing was very informative
49.  Was a great refresher.
50.  That it was short
51.  I enjoyed the webinar very much
52.  I appreciated the assessment, it’s always nice to get new insights for the apie process.
53.  Liked the review of Intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation
54.  The interactive component (viewer made jokes, had personal stories of self to relate to topic).
55.  I enjoyed a lot. I liked your questions in the beginning about the toll booth example and the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. I actually went through the Princeton, WV toll booth a few weeks ago on my way down south.
56.  It was a nice refresher course with some new information.
57.  Yes
58.  I really enjoyed this webinar. it is helpful in many aspects of my life / job.
59.  I enjoyed the fact that this was online and offered for free afterwards because it was simple for people like me who work all day to just log on after the seminar and still have time to complete it and get CEU’s.
60.  I enjoyed that he included intervention examples and really broke down how to approach intrinsic motivation.
61.  I did, it gave some good examples of ways to motivate the pts in my facility
62.  Fast pace
63.  The discussion of psych, as it’s the population I currently work with.
64.  I enjoyed the explanation as to why people do what they do.
65.  Good practical information.
66.  Great! Thanks for offering these!
67.  Refresh course, liked talking about good motivational books at end
68.  It was good review and I liked that you tried to be considerate about the timing of the webinar.
69.  I enjoyed and learned the most about the ways that I can help the clients I serve have intrinsic motivation.
70.  I enjoyed the information and that it seemed he put a lot of time and effort into this webinar.
71.  Good refresher on motivation
72.  The Motivational Interviewing ideas.
73.  It was a great refresher for intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.
74.  Interesting information
75.  Thorough information with personal examples of intrinsic vs extrensic motivation.
76.  I liked the subject matter. It was interesting and a nice refresher for basics I learned in college.
77.  The diference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

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