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Danny Pettry and his mother “Teresa” Date: 5/13/17

We asked Recreation Therapists, “what makes a mother special?”

One-hundred fifty recreation therapists responded to this question.

You might want to use this question and blog as a group discussion this week at your agency/ facility.

Danny Pettry comments: I provide services for children who’ve been neglected and/ or abused. As a optimistic thinker, I imagine most of these mothers were doing the best job they possibly could with the skills they had. I’ve worked 15-years in this setting. Of course, I’ve always loved my mother. However, my admiration for my mother is a lot stronger after providing services for children (some who didn’t have identified foster families or anyone).

Here are some of our favorite answers:

 The kind compassionate and nurturing nature of her heart and her selflessness
A special mother  is one who is caring and compassionate, guides and supports instilling values to help their child to be fair, loving and the best person the can be.
A mother is special because she is willing to welcome others into her life in a way that is unique her own and yet universal. The bonds of love in motherhood do not have to be biological.
To me, what makes a mother special is the unending love that one can have for their child, no matter what. You don’t have to have given birth to a child to be their mother. My mom passed away when I was 15 and my little sister was 2 years old. Fast forward I graduated college, moved home and my little sister moved in with me. I now raise her as my own, she is 16 years old now. She tells me she loves me and thanks me for loving her just like she knows our mama would have if she was still here.  I think that mothers are special because not one mother is the same.
She just is.   She holds the family together.
A mother is an individual who is there for the good times and the bad. A person who catches you when you fall and soars you higher when you are at your best. A mother is someone who the simple words of ‘I Love You’ melts your heart and brightens your day.
Her unconditional love.  She gives of herself and thinks of others before herself.
A mother who is kind, loving, caring, understanding, and accepting.
She loves you unconditionally.
She teaches you to live a life that honors God.
She is always there to listen, even when she is no longer on this earth.
By how much resiliency they have.
Their unconditional love and support. They are always their when you need her, She is selfless.
To look up the word Special in the dictionary you will see that special means “better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual.” This is true of a mother because those who are mothers are what I would call a different bread, to live your life not for your own dreams and aspirations, but for the dreams you have for your children only a special kind of person has the ability to do that.  A mother is the queen of multi-tasking, getting things done quickly and efficiently and with unconditional love for her children no matter what the circumstances.
Someone who puts others before herself, but remembers who she is.  Someone who lifts you up when you’re down, is on your side, and who supports you through all that you do…
Unconditional love
The unique ways she connects with her family.  Mothers tend to have a heart for their family and value emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual connections.  The leisure pursuits and variety of exposure to recreational activities that a mother (or father) introduces her/his kids to, will positively impact the lives of their kids.   I learned so many things from my mom, like cooking, needlework, writing, reading, telling jokes, playing, etc.  My mom supported us as we learned to ice-skate, horseback ride, swim, hike, and ride bikes.  She even supported me when I wanted to ride across the country with my best friend, when we graduated from high school.  Mothers have a profound impact on their kids.  Mothers tend to listen to understand, which an amazing blessing is.
A mother is special because she provides unconditional love and thinks of her children and family before herself.  A mother is special because no matter how old you become, you are still your Mother’s little girl or boy and always hold a special place in her heart.
Always there when we need them and are willing to say “no” when necessary!  They exemplifies a sacrificial love. Loving us unconditionally.
A mother is special due to her unlimited sacrifices that she makes for her family and asking nothing in return.
Her love for her children. Taking care of them even when she is tired. Always teaching them respect, responsibility, and to have fun in life.
She is the most humble person I know. She always puts her God and her family before herself. I have a 2 year old daughter and while I work as a CTRS my mother cares for her without compensation. She is such a loving person and I strive to be half the mother she is. She is my role model.
They are the nurturers of the family and the glue that holds it all together.
unconditional love
The way she does everything the best and no matter how hard you try to do it the same hers is always better 🙂
Because my mom has given me the best advice ever which is why I became a
The constant love no matter the situation.
My mother and grandmother are the reason I do what I do. They instilled in me that I have a gift to help others as I was shown through their work what a blessing it is to give back what you have received!
My grandmother helped others till she was in her 80s and my mother still helps others and she will be 75!
Her understanding of her children as well as her compassion and the morals she instills in her child. She will always be there to support you and to be your cheerleader.
There are too many to list but I would say the unconditional love a mother has for her child/children trumps them all!
Having the chance to watch my children grow and play every day.  They always make my day shine.
My mother’s is special because she gives unselfishly. She works very hard and still finds the time and strength to spend it with the ones she loves. My mother is special because she always finds something positive and encouraging to say to everyone.
Always offering love.
Patience. And then more patience on top of that.

Give unconditional love.
Willing to get peed, pooped, and vomited upon when we are children
Provide support, reassurance and encouragement.
Provide nourishment for our bodies and souls.
They create the environment we call home.

Her love for her children
The unconditional love she gives to her children
A mother makes a lot of things special. She carries you for 9 months. She feeds you, clothes you, changes your diaper, gives you unconditional loves and teaches you right from wrong and teaches you about Jesus. Without Jesus there is nothing. That’s most special.
Always being there with a kind smile and encouragement.
A mother is someone who loves you unconditionally    even though we may have flaws.  And excepts us    for who we are and lets use grow up and become the person we are today, who always call to see how we are doing, even if she doesn’t feel well.
The memories she creates with her children!
Devotion.  Making raising children a priority and then letting go when the time comes.  That’s the time to become friends.  It’s the best.
A woman who puts a child before themselves. A woman who is willing to do whatever it takes to take care of a child. A woman who shows unconditional love to a child. A woman who does all of those things even as the child gets older. A woman who is funny and stern. A woman is a teacher, a listener, and a friend.
Unconditional love, and a unique bond between mother and child
The never-ending love for their children makes them special. The fact that they birthed another little human makes them so strong. The fact that they can be an adoptive mother and share a connection in their hearts with someone who is yearning for a mother makes them special.
Mothers are special because when there are important things her children want to do she will always make the lunch..  More importantly she is always waiting with unconditional love.
Their ability to be so selfless when it comes to their children.
Her love
Her caring and loving nature
A mother is the only person on the planet that would give her own life to save her child. Every thought is how I can make this a better world for my children.
No one will ever love you like your mother does.
Her ability to ALWAYS put someone else’s needs above her own. Her endurance, her strength, her selflessness!
Love and patience make a mother special.  The “always on” attitude and approach to being there for her children makes a mother special.  A mother is special because she nurtures and cuddles; she scratches her son’s back at night to help him fall asleep.  A mom is special because she sacrifices for her children and she wants to do this.  She doesn’t complain-out loud.  (She may in her head or the privacy of her room)  A mother makes her children feel wanted, valued, loved, worthy, special and smart.  A mother forgives.
Her ability to give of her self day after day and never expect anything in return; her smile and how she can give you a hug and make everything better; how she knows to listen and offer advice that means and helps so much!
All that she does selflessly for her children!
Mothers are caring and go out of their way to make sure you have good advice. They are resourceful and kind and always thinking of others. Now that I am older I hope to turn out like my mom for my kids.
My mom is a very unique individual and has taught me how to reach goals and go outside of the box. She is very thoughtful and puts others before her.
Mothers always put everyone else’s needs ahead of their own.  They also do a lot of work that is hardly ever acknowledged.  Sometimes moms need to be recognized for all the things they do and never get thanked for.
Mothers are (should be) comfort and safety.  I know that as a daughter, a mother and a grandmother, we are connected to our mothers from the time of conception (or introduction, in the case of adoption or fostering) in a way that is designed by our Creator to be holy.  A mother is God’s love embodied:  unconditional, nurturing, restorative and unending.
The unconditional love that she has for her children from the very beginning.
Everything about Mothers is special to me. They provide the moral support, and quality time that young people need as well as direct activities, tutor their kids, everything the family needs and in most instances hold down a job. I know there are guys that do this job as well, but it is Mother’s day. I also think that as we age we really realize how special our Moms are to us especially when they are gone and we can no longer call them up or see them anymore. Cherish your mom each and every day for all the little things!!! A special shout out to my Mom, I love you and wish so much you were here to be with us on Mother’s Day!!!
Love, love, love…….  dedication, kindness, compassion, being a role model, supporting and encouraging the best in everyone and teaching the same principles to her own children as well as others’ children too.
Continued dedication and support
What makes a mother special is how she cares for her children. My mother is my best friend and she is the best woman in the world. She’s special because she is always there for me
Her loving and caring nature.
All the love her heart can hold and endless smiles and laughter and because God picked me special to have my two children call me Mom!!!
Always there?
The love she has for her children and grandchildren.
The only person in the whole world who loves you unconditionally.
 A mother is special because she accepts that she is a mother and her life is selfless. She is ready to put her children first and knows how to be flexible and what she says and do.  A mother is geared up to be perform any job necessary to support her children emotions, ego or life’s lesson when required. A mother has a sense of humor, she can get on all four and crawl with her baby, she can cry with her teen when he/she gets a broken heart. A mother is special because she admits when she messes up. A mother is special because she does not give up. A mother is special because she remains a mother forever. Even death cannot steal the title of “Mother”.
A mother is special. She is the one you turn to for comfort and advice. She will always love you no matter what. Mother’s will always do what is best for their children.
Mothers are special because they are self-less, caring, loving, fun, and they put everyone before themselves.
Love, patience, and kindness!
Personally my mother is my best friend, most loving and compassionate person I know. She has the biggest heart. She can be tough but has sacrificed so much for my sister and I to have the best. She is strong.  I recently became a mother myself and hope that I can be as great as her to my son as she was to us.
Mothers love unconditionally, always there to listen, to help. They are awesome!!
Their caring, loving, nurturing and compassionate abilities.  They’re your best friend through your journey as you go through life and get married and have a family.
Her unconditional love.
Understanding and complete unquestioning love and compassion.
A mother is special by the way she is able to take on so many things and still stay strong. My mother raised me alone and I admire her hard work in making sure I was raised right.
Always there for you when needed. You can always rely on her
A mother has unconditional love at all times.
I believe that making a mother special is doing whatever it takes to help her children become well rounded adults who show respect and compassion for others.
All her sacrifices and dedication to her children
everything that we do for people and our unconditional love
Having dinner with your children.
A mother who cares for their child, takes time out of their day to focus on their child, and does everything in their power to keep their family happy.  A mother who is willing to do anything and everything for their child, no matter what happens, would be a very special lady.
Her love
A mother is a full time caregiver who has the hardest job but does it selflessly and with love.
The amount of selfless dedication that’s given to a child no matter how old we are
The fact that they gave life to you and spent time and effort in raising you.
Love, compassion, kindness.
One who allows their child to be who they are!
The ability to nurture, love, and care for her children.
A mother loves unconditionally. And they know where everything that you’ve lost is without even knowing what it was.
No matter how tired she can be, she finds the energy.
She ALWAYS finds a way to make it work out for her kiddos.  ALWAYS
Unconditional love 🙂
Most devoted, patient, and does the job that no one else can do!
She’s my best friend. Always supports what I do.
She taught me to always do what makes me happy
Someone that loves unconditionally and teaches
Warm heart, hardworking, and positive woman.
One that endure pain and nearly died to have her miracle twin boys
The selflessness and love a mother has for her child.
Being able to be a great role model for the next generation.
What makes a mother special is her ability to love despite hardships presented throughout motherhood. The self-sacrifice and grit it takes to raise children through the ups and downs of growing up show unparalleled unconditional love!
She’s selfless and sweet. She has the hardest job and does it so caringly
Someone who loves unconditionally weather the child is biological not (step/adopted) and raises children to be the best they can be!
Her unconditional love
A mother is your first and longest friend. And as mine likes to tell me sometimes, “I brought you into this world, I can take you right out!”
Showing unconditional love, always; having a youthful soul; accepting her children for who they are
Someone who is loving & caring & spends time with their children.
The unconditional love that she has for her children and others she comes into contact with.
A mother is special because she becomes an instant Therapeutic Recreation Director providing quality programming for her child/children from birth on. 🙂
It is a love like no other – instant and strong. Almost 4 years ago, my son was born. It’s amazing how quickly a child can fill a void that you don’t know was there. As I prepare for my second child, I’m excited for the blessings my future daughter will bring.
Uninvited love, care and support throughout her entire life.
Dependability, compassion,  empathy, unconditional love, hard working
Possessing the Qualities of a caring, kind, protective and nurturing person. A mother helps to teach others the tools for success as well as making sure they feel loved and secure. Mothers are special because they make sure memories are made and all needs are met, no matter what.
Giving up things for her children, putting her children first.
She is selfless and has a servant’s heart for her kids. She loves them unconditionally and puts herself second.
Teaching her children in a caring but fun way.
A mother or someone who has taken on that motherly role is special because no matter what they are there for you. When I think about mothers (obviously a lot of the influential women in my life come to mind) I think about someone who is a shoulder to cry on during a time of need. I think about a person who is genuinely happy for you with every success that you have and someone who cares more about you than you care for yourself (most often). I think mothers are special because they’re able to multitask while still making you feel like you’re one of the most important priorities in their lives! Mothers show a special kind of love for their children and in that way they are incredibly special individuals!
The ability to take immense amounts of crap from their children as they navigate the world of emotions and controlling and expressing them.
She never stops trying to taking care of us.
Her self-giving.
Her unconditional love!
When you feel unconditionally loved by her kindness, attentiveness, support, and just all around loving nature.
Caring, unconditional love, always there for you, encourages you to follow your dreams!
Everything!  From the moment they begin to carry to their very last breath.  Their hard work, dedication, selflessness and love.
A mother loves unconditionally. A mother is also there to count on. A shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, to ask advice.  Whenever you need her she is there!  A best friend for the rest of your life!
A mother’s love never fails.  A mother never gives up no matter what.
The ability to love her child more and more each day; regardless of mistakes, arguments, tantrums, disabilities, and life choices.

The desire to help her child become whatever he or she wants to be, providing nothing but support.

One who completely sacrifice and put her family first and make all ends meet with you realizing she did.
Being a mom is the hardest, yet most rewarding job that I have ever had!!
Ability to cook a meal, calm a crying child and pay bills online all at the same time
Unconditional Love is what makes a mother special. A Mother’s love is never ending and can get you through the hardest days of your life.
My mother is special because of ambition. She has helped me To become who I am today. I wanted To be more like her so…I decided to become a recreation therapist, CTRS.  My mother was once a recreation therapist, CTRS.
Mother’s Day is special because it is the chance to celebrate those individuals, biological and other mother motherly figures,  who have sacrificed enough to nurture, guide, and protect us on our journeys in life.
Everything…her kindness, the love and support only she can give. Her belief in you, the way she makes you feel. The calm she brings by a touch, tone of voice, a look.
Patience and love!!!
Her ability to love unconditionally.
A mother is someone who selflessly cares for her children. Not necessarily biological but anyone they want to care for and love.
Her patience and unconditional love. Her humor and empathy.
Her heart. She loves to serve other people.
Selfless care and love.
I don’t know when she sleeps! She’s always doing something for somebody.
Strength they have, idols for their children
They are always there for you and have unconditional love for you. You can always count on them when you need advice or someone to talk to.