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We asked students in Rec Therapy degree programs to tell us –

Why would you want to join the American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA)?

Please note that Danny Pettry, Founder of DannyPettry.com: Rec Therapy CEUs is a Lifetime Member of ATRA. Pettry is not an elected official or paid representative of ATRA. Pettry is simply a member of the association who encourages others to get involved in ATRA.

Here are some of the reasons why students wanted to join ATRA:


I believe it would be a valuable asset for me as I begin my career in the field of recreational therapy

I believe the ATRA membership would be an added benefit for my resume as well as my performance as a CTRS.

I know that an ATRA membership would be well needed in the near future with my degree
so that I can have the tools to help me grow professionally.
I believe that it is very important to be involved in ATRA as a TR student.
I can continue to network with professionals in my field and increase my knowledge.
I can use all of their resources. I think that it would be very beneficial for myself and my future clients if I have a close connection with ATRA
because I want to be a part of a great networking opportunity. I am also taking part in a research and becoming a member could benefit me if we are able to present our findings.
I attended the 2016 Fall conference in Chicago and fell in love with the association. I hope to attend the 2017 conference in Orlando
it will give me the opportunity to create a professional network as well as teach me the fundamentals about being the best recreational therapist I can be. It will give me the ability to seek out and potentially connect with professionals who can help myself better as an aspiring therapist
I  would take full advantage of the membership. I would use it to gain additional knowledge about the RT field and would use it to network to further my career.
 I would like an ATRA student membership so I can experience what it’s like to be a part of a professional organization.
It’s my first semester as a transfer student at the university and in the major. Learning about the career Therapeutic Recreation makes me love it more and would like to know and learn a little bit more and learn different ways to support the program.
to gain knowledge about the Therapeutic Recreation Association. I am also interested in presenting and attending the annual conference 2017 in Orlando.
I would like to be more involved in the recreation therapy field. Being a part of ATRA would allow me to stay at the forefront of changes in our field and make it more possible for my voice to be heard, especially in legislative matters.
I have been wanting to join and get involved in ATRA since my first semester in the program


I want to become more involved in the national organization through attending conferences, having access to the articles, and being able to have access to the national community of more experienced RT/TR specialists.

I strongly believe in the guiding principles and vision statement that ATRA follows. I believe that ATRA empowers young professionals like myself to further the field by providing quality resources and encouraging things such as evidence based practice and attending conferences.
 This would help me out tremendously!
I am incredibly passionate about therapeutic recreation. I am eager to get as involved in the field as I possibly can.
To be more involved within my profession and improve my growth to becoming a Recreation Therapist.
Because I want to be an active member of the TR community!
Once I graduate with my degree I want to become a member. I recently found out that as a student you can join and I would love to be a part of this organization.
because I believe that the field of Therapeutic Recreation relies heavily upon professionals, interns, and students uniting together and communicating with one another; this can be done through professional organizations such as ATRA.  Being a graduate student and working toward soon becoming a CTRS, I believe that becoming a member of ATRA will help keep me connected with current news involved in the TR field.  Additionally, I believe a student membership will help me to become a better individual who is committed to bettering and expanding the future of TR.
I am passionate about TR and would love to further my knowledge in the field as well as contribute my knowledge to enhance the profession.
I think it is important to have a membership to ATRA because it will help me get to meet other people in the field and learn from their knowledge and experience. Eventually, it will also be a place that I can share my experience others as well.
As senior graduating in May and doing my final internship this summer finding a job and serving as a TR specialist and hopefully CTRS is quickly approaching  As I look for jobs I believe not only would ATRA look good on my resume but also keep me well informed and up to date with topics and opportunities in our field.
I graduated fall 2017 and plan to attend ATRA to keep up with my CEU’\S , network within the recreation field, and continue to increase my knowledge base from experienced veterans in the field.
it would help further my inclusion and participation in my field.
I want to be more involved in my profession. Once I graduate, I would like to be a part of the board.
I believe it is good to stay connected to people that you will be working with in your career path.
I would love to be professionally connected. I start graduate school in the Fall, and I’ll be writing a thesis. It will be great to have this connection because I will be able to network and help spread the word of my thesis, and hopefully get help on it.
because I am a strong advocate and advisory within the disability community
I want to get more involved in the TR field and I think winning an ATRA membership would help me do that!
Between working full time and school part time money is tight and this would be a huge boost to have this network of knowledge available.
I know how valuable ATRA is and I cannot wait to become a CTRS soon. I presented a practice poster at ATRA in the fall of 2016 and I loved how welcoming everyone was in the organization. The tools supplied by ATRA help facilitate better programming and allow for more resources than without the organization.
Because I have always wanted to be a


I think it would be a great attribute to my recreational therapy degree, I feel like you never stop learning and every day I continue to learn.

I think this would give me a step up in the field of recreational therapy and help me in finding job opportunities and internships in the future
This would give me an opportunity to better myself as a professional.
I believe this membership will be a great career opportunity to network and get involved for my future TR degree.
I have a passion for TR and working with individuals with disabilities. I feel that ATRA is an incredible resource for students and therapists. I have hopes to continue in the field of working with individuals with disabilities and to focus on enhancing quality of life. I feel that being a member of ATRA is very beneficial.
I would like to win an ATRA student membership because I know being a part of this organization will allow to me to grow in the field. It will also allow me to network and gain knowledge from others that have the same passion for the field.
To get more support during my studies.  I believe that this can guide me when completing papers and give me new ideas.
because I wish to have a bigger voice and part in this field. I am unable to pay for a membership myself but have dreamed of joining ATRA for a while now.
ATRA student membership: because I want to be able to learn as much as possible and stay current in my knowledge in the field of Recreation Therapy.
People ask me why I do what I do. Why I’m going to become something called “Recreation Therapy”.
I am extremely passionate toward the field of Therapeutic Recreation and am always using ATRA as a resource of information in regards to my studies.
I would like to know about any future career opportunities.  In addition, I would like to know more tips about the CTRS examination.  As I am aiming towards working with children and adaptive sports.  It will be extremely beneficial to learn about more updates in Recreational Therapy.  I would also like to know about CEU opportunities that are available to maintain my certification once certified.  I would like to have opportunities to network with other professionals in the same field as myself, which will enhance the services to my clients.  Having publications about the Standards of Practice will also help me deliver activities/programs that will deliver best practices for my clients.
get information that may only be open to members.
As a student, I am always looking for more resources and networking. An ATRA student membership would allow me to learn more about what other recreation professionals are utilizing in practice and bring more knowledge to my studies.
I love recreational therapy, and I want to receive as much education on it as I possibly can. Someday I’m going to develop a therapeutic riding program.
because I want to become active in the RT profession and being a member of ATRA would be a great way to do so. I want to help advocate for Recreation Therapy and grow the profession so that recreation therapy can see an increase in funding and awareness so that we may help more patients achieve their goals.
its numerous opportunities of support, networking , educational, and  personal growth.
 My goal is to become a certified recreational therapist in less than 2 years. Every since I switch to the RT major my teachers have stressed how important it is to be member of ATRA. They empowers RT, they provide continuing education information, literature resources, post job opportunities and so much more. I want to be a part of all organization that help our profession succeed, and encourage us to grow as recreational therapist.
because I would love to be part of the ATRA team.
To expand my knowledge of the RT field and it’s resources
To further my career and learn as much as I can about TR!
in order to further my knowledge in the field of Recreational Therapy. ATRA provides publishings, research articles, conferences and more in order to document knowledge received by professionals in the field. Having this additional knowledge would help me further my career in Recreational Therapy coming out of a 4 year bachelor degree and completing an internship.
As someone coming near the end of their degree, I see the importance of being connected to the TR community. ATRA gives connections and education only available if you are a member.
I want to win the ATRA student membership because I will be able reach different types of information or resources by the touch of my fingertips.
because it will help me to become one step closer to being a Therapeutic Recreation specialist which is my passion and goal.
I’m very interested in what ATRA does (conferences, CE , research news, etc)
to help propel networking opportunities with other students and Rec Therapists professional.
To become aware of all it has to offer
To learn more information and skills to possess to become the best recreational therapist as possible.
I am currently in the Therapeutic Recreation Program and I think the ATRA student membership provides various opportunities to people who provide Therapeutic Recreation Services. This membership will allow you to attend conferences and gain knowledge on other CTRS experiences and to develop a better understanding of how to utilize TR services.
I love the emails I receive from them and how the emails are packed full of relevant jobs and information.
because I am dedicated to this career and would like as many resources/opportunities to gain knowledge in this field. Becoming an ATRA member would open doors, resources, knowledge, and growth as a professional in the Recreational Therapy department.
 I want to win because I am graduating soon and I would love to be a part of this community. I know that this is a great way to get involved in the recreational therapy groups that are around the country and I think Taking advantage of this opportunity is a must. With the cost of tuition and finishing up my senior internship out of state where I have to pay for my own living and meals I think having a chance for someone else to pay for something so great is it amazing opportunity.
It would give me a great opportunity to get more involved with ATRA and get me great connection to pursue my career and further my knowledge in the Recreational Therapy field.
I would love utilize all of the resources and opportunities that the student membership offers. As a graduate student, I stay up-to-date on the latest research, and I would be excited to have access to ATRA’s research journal, network with current recreation therapists, and have reduced rates to attend conferences.
I would like to become more involved in my professional field and I feel that a good way to start it by becoming a part of our professional associations, like ATRA.