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canstockphoto10695808Fun fact: “Goldilocks” was my nickname in high school because I [Danny Pettry] had long blonde (and beautiful hair).

And here is another personal disclosure: I suffer from anxiety disorder. As a child, I didn’t know how to describe my experiences and I felt ashamed and embarrassed after panic attacks. In example: My parents were gone too long once to Kroger for bread and milk. I called my grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Three things had to have happened: 1.) the wrecked in the ditch by the soccer fields (that sucks up mini-vans every year). True fact – a lot of mini-vans went into that ditch right by Two-John’s Short-Stop gas station. Possibility #2: Aliens could have taken my parent’s mini-van up to space. I mean – as a ten-year-old with a creative imagination (that was a real possibility). Or # 3 the worst case scenario. My parents were tired of us kids and decided to move away to Florida and leave us. With option # 1- they’d live. With option # 2 – aliens bring people back. With option # 3 – now that is real worry.

The good news (this anxiety game) was all played inside my head. Two-Johns didn’t have milk or bread so they went on to Kroger about 10-minutres further away to get milk and bread. But I had a panic attack because of the images dancing in my head of wrecks, aliens, and abandonment.

Extra good news: 1990 (when I was 10) was a long time ago and my parents are still alive and together today (2017).


Today, I’d like to talk about my own three types of anxiety.

  • Type 1: too cold: that means there is no anxiety. That is dangerous because a person without any anxiety won’t worry about being late for school or appointments or getting assignments done or showing respect or following the laws. They’d just do things and not ever worry. Cold hearted in a way. This is dangerous.
  • Type 2: Just right: This is just the right amount of anxiety to keep a person in check. Eating healthy to avoid poor health, brushing teeth to prevent cavities, driving safe to avoid a wreck, completing assignments to prevent a poor grade (in school) or (disciplinary action) at employment. This anxiety encourages a person to take action.
  • Type 3: too hot: Worry overload. Panic attack. Freaking out. Can’t think straight. Take over-dramatic actions and steps. For me, “it was a freak-out moment” of calling my grandparents to talk about aliens and the ditch that eats mini-vans.

I hope you’ll find the “right just” goldilocks anxiety in your own life.

To learn more about type 2, read this interesting article posted at fox about how worrying could be a good thing: